2023 program thematics


From decarbonizing energy to shifting to renewable energy. From finding the right balance to making energy accessible to all


From raising awareness on the importance of preserving and restoring biodiversity to implementing the COP 15 framework

Circular Economy

Transitioning from a linear economy, where resources become trash, to a circular economy, where waste becomes a resource. Exploring the 5 Rs: Reduce, Refuse, Recycle, Repair and Reuse


From guiding corporations through carbon emissions reduction to exploring solutions for CO2 capture, storage, and compensation

Economic Models

Adapting our economies to the physical limits of our planet. How to design more responsible indicators for well-being


Exploring new modes of governance locally, nationally, and internationally for a global transition

Information & Democracy

Accessibility to knowledge and to means of participation so everyone can be an active participant of change

Inner Change

Fostering personal transformation to drive collective action, aligning inner development with sustainable development goals

Tech for Good

Harnessing technological innovation for positive impact, addressing global challenges with groundbreaking solutions

Food & Agriculture

Exploring regenerative agriculture VS technology-based agriculture to meet the growing global demand for food, all the while minimizing negative impact


As urban density increases, how can we drive the socio-economic transition at the city level?

Changing habits

How can we change our behaviors and lifestyles for a more sustainable world?


Exploring the link between human health and planet health


Exploring new modes of production and consumption and unlocking solutions through innovation across this gigantic industry

Accelerate the ecosystem

From connecting members of the ecosystem to allowing them to scale

Art & Culture

From questioning the system to creating new narratives, art and culture have the power to make people embrace change


Integrating the human factor: from climate and social justice to livelihood, equal opportunities, etc


From exploring Education as a powerful tool for change to adapting the education system to meet the socio-ecological transition needs


Exploring new opportunities for decarbonizing mobility for people and for goods as well as solutions for adapting the infrastructure as a whole

Ocean & Water

From preserving the Ocean and restoring underwater biodiversity to exploring how to respect the water cycle and make this necessary resource accessible to all


What are the new trends in impact investing and best practices in responsible finance? Explore the solutions to finance a more sustainable and inclusive world

Corporate Responsibility

Exploring the role of companies. How do we get these companies to change?

Explorer for Change

Women for Change

The initiative’s annual flagship conference will explore, through expert perspectives, personal experiences and pitch sessions, the broad spectrum of what is meant by sponsorship and to give the keys to becoming a sponsor at your own level

Sport for Change