Empowering Change Through Sport

Major sporting events often leave a significant carbon footprint due to stadium construction, fan transportation, and material usage. However, both inside and beyond arenas, sports organizations and athletes wield a powerful voice to address climate change issues and influence society’s most pressing concerns.

Do you know which sports are the most polluting?

  • Skiing with 800,000 tonnes of CO2e per year, equivalent to the production of 22 million smartphones
  • Formula 1, with almost 260,000 tonnes of CO2e emitted each year
  • Golf is the most polluting sport in terms of water and pesticides.
  • Soccer is the most polluting sport in terms of travel and infrastructure during World Cups.

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About the initiative

Created in 2022, and infused with the full ChangeNOW DNA, this program aims to inspire, spotlight solutions and innovations that address the sport industry’s key challenges and connect.


+50% of modern society's influencers are athletes (cf.

73.8 billion: the economic weight of sports sponsorship

0 methodology recognized to date for calculating the carbon footprint of a club or federation.

WHY sport

Sport is an excellent way of creating cohesion and emulation, and a formidable emotion generator. Some people challenge themselves, emancipate themselves and shine thanks to sport. There’s no shortage of superlatives. Sport has become central to modern society, but against a backdrop of climate crisis, the collapse of biodiversity and the questioning of models. We asked ourselves what place sport had, and what place it should take.

We don’t want to choose between sport and environmental transition, but create a future that allows both to happen.

The aim of our program is to contribute to provide answers to three major questions that we have raised :

  • How is the sports industry addressing and contributing to climate change and society’s most pressing issues? 
  • How can sporting events and organisations implement large-scale solutions? 
  • How can athletes and sports leaders use their voice to have a positive impact on people and society?

What’s planned in 2024?

This year’s Sport for Change will take place all day on March 25, 2024 – ChangeNOW Summit (Grand Palais Ephèmère, Paris) 

Inspiring ecosystem leaders through 3 Conferences, 2 Workshops and a tailor-made program for professional athletes.

Highlight solutions & innovations through a pitch session and, for the first time at changeNOW, a sports village during the 3-day event.

Gather the sport ecosystem all day long, and at the end of the day during a networking session for sport leaders (Fedeartions, Clubs, Major Sponsors, Organizations, NGOs, etc.). 


In a pivotal initiative to redefine the intersection of sports and environmental responsibility, ChangeNOW, in collaboration with 17Sport and Fair Play For Planet, presented the Sport Sponsors Climate Pledge.

A call to action for sport sponsors to align with certified planet-warming emissions reduction objectives. It transcends existing charters by correlating financial support in the sports world with a certified GHG footprint reduction, directly in line with the Paris Agreement.

In recent years, we went from collective denial to collective awareness. NOW is the time to move towards collective action. With and through the power of sport.” – Kevin Tayebaly, Co-founder, ChangeNOW


Our job is to identify and highlight positive impact entrepreneurs who do not have access to the visibility, recognition and business opportunities they deserve. These resources are key for their growth.

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