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The ranking of the best schools to change the world

The movement of students calling for their higher education to meet climate challenges is gaining momentum. ChangeNOW has partnered with the media Les Echos START, in partnership with Deloitte Sustainability France, to create the first French ranking of business and engineering schools most committed to the ecological and social transition.

A dual objective:

  • To enable students to identify the schools that best meet their criteria 
  • to provide schools, constructively, with a precise analysis of their state of progress concerning these issues to better support them in this paradigm shift

The crucial role of schools in the transition

We believe schools have a pivotal role in building a sustainable world. Schools have always made a significant contribution to writing the model career narrative, disseminating messages throughout the training process that create a foundation of values and beliefs for the rest of one’s professional life.  A new narrative now needs to be written: one of a society where you can earn a living while doing something valuable and sustainable for the world.

The six criteria of analysis

Marketing, finance, sciences… The courses are analyzed transversal, not limiting ourselves to specialized courses in sustainable development. 

The ranking is based on a questionnaire sent to business and engineering schools that Deloitte Sustainability France has independently audited on six criteria families. 

  1.     Integration of impact issues into the program
  2.     The strength of the alumni network in the impact sector
  3.     The institution’s strategy and exemplarity
  4.     Diversity and equal opportunities
  5.     Involvement of student associations in impact issues
  6.     Academic excellence and employability

Discover the results of the ranking:

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