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Immerse your team or board in ChangeNOW 2024 unique experience by obtaining group tickets or by joining our exclusive and enriched Learning Expeditions.


Our group ticket offers are aimed at groups of individuals (companies, networks, schools,..) who intend to attend changeNOW together or separately. Bring your collaborators and communities together at ChangeNOW summit while saving up to 55%* versus a regular entry ticket.

Here are the tickets on which the group offers apply:

  • General Attendee
  • Investor
  • Premium 
  • Impact startup
  • NGO / Academic
  • Student
  • Impact business

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Join a Learning expedition

Our Learning Expedition are designed to help C-level executives, Board members, Management team and any of your future leaders of change make the most of their time at ChangeNOW and dive into the Culture of Impact.


Your leaders and collaborators on the culture of impact

OPTIMIZE your time

Through experience based on your interests


With impactful innovators and changemakers from around the world


A guided tour to discover and inspire on one of the following predefined theme : New materials, Culture of change, Carbon reduction, Optimization of resources.

New Materials

New Materials

Stepping into the future, groundbreaking materials pave the way for transformative changes across various industries. These novel creations push the boundaries of sustainable innovation, redefining the very essence of industry standards. By leveraging cutting-edge research, ingenuity, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, these new materials promise to revolutionize the way we build, create, and consume. Not only do these advanced materials provide enhanced performance and functionality, but they also prioritize environmental responsibility and resource conservation. As a result, they offer a range of benefits including reduced waste, energy efficiency, and minimized ecological impact.

Carbon reduction

Carbon reduction

Carbon reduction is the cornerstone of climate action. It's the process of cutting down the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere, and it can be achieved through various means. From transitioning to renewable energy sources to improving energy efficiency, integrating principles of circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain. The goal of carbon reduction is nothing less than preserving the future of life on our planet.

Culture of change

Culture of change

Igniting the spark of transformation within organizations, this mindset fosters an environment that wholeheartedly embraces sustainability in a rapidly evolving world. By promoting adaptability, innovation, and collaboration, the Culture of Change empowers organizations to become agents of positive transformation, ensuring a greener and more resilient future. Encouraging open communication, continuous learning, and the sharing of best practices, this approach not only drives environmental stewardship but also supports the growth and well-being of employees.

Optimization of resources

optimization of resources

This concept embodies the meticulous and well-planned efforts to achieve the highest possible degree of resource efficiency and sustainability. By rethinking resource allocation, utilization, and management, we aim to minimize waste, reduce costs, and limit environmental impact. The ultimate ambition of resource optimization is to bring about a profound transformation in the way we interact with our planet's finite resources, addressing pressing global issues such as climate change, energy consumption, and natural resource depletion in a responsible and economically viable manner.

These visits are available for groups up to 12 people and include General attendee passes for the attendees.

Duration time : 1h 30

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→ General Attendee pass included

The experience includes:


Our customized Learning Expeditions are executives programs of aculturation tailored to your audience and organization’s strategic sustainability objectives, including premium matchmaking and a welcome coffee.

These tours are available for groups up to 12 people and include Premium passes for the attendees.

Duration time : 2h but we adjust the timings to fit with the attendees’ schedules.

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It includes:
  • 3 days full access pass
  • On site investors lounge
  • On site Impact lounge
  • C-levels Networking session between premium pass holders
  • Access to the financial data of the solutions exhibited
  • Fast track: quick and easy entry to the summit via VIP access
  • The experience includes:

    Make the most of your time at ChangeNOW 2024 by tailoring your experience to your interests.

    Some of our past delegations


    A new bulk solution deployed in 20 countries, and millions of packaging containers avoided

    Jean-Bouteille x Groupe L’Occitane


    L’Occitane, a well-known cosmetic brand, wanted to accelerate its approach towards more virtuous consumption and, in particular, waste reduction. After meeting Jean Bouteille, a bulk solution start-up,  at ChangeNOW in 2020, and after a year of working together, the companies developed a bulk distribution solution adapted to the cosmetics industry’s needs and the brand’s expectations. Deployed in 20 countries, the solution avoided millions of packaging containers.

    Sustainable Packaging Revolution

    Melvita & Hipli


    Melvita’s collaboration with Hipli, an eco-friendly packaging solution discovered at ChangeNOW LEX 2021, has transformed their delivery process. Customers now enjoy receiving Melvita skincare products in reusable Hipli packages, which can be effortlessly returned via La Poste mailboxes. The concept behind this initiative is to offer responsible Hipli packages that can be reused up to 100 times, significantly reducing Melvita’s environmental footprint.

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    Thanks to our Batch of tickets offers, you can bring your collaborators or communities together while saving up to 30% versus a regular entry ticket.

    Batch of tickets offers are only available for orders of minimum 6 tickets.

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