Join our team of mission-driven volunteers, and be part of an amazing human and collective adventure!

Live a once-in-a-lifetime experience and actively contribute to the change by volunteering at ChangeNOW! Whether you want to commit yourself punctually during an event or on a long-term basis, and whatever your skills, you are welcome to help us accelerate change.

How can I help during the year ?

Join the ChangeNOW team during the year, and take various responsibilities.


Different teams need you: digital, content, logistics, VIP relations and more.

  • Exchange with the community of volunteers all year long
  • Coordinate meetings and activities with the volunteers.

Team Leader

  • Take part in the recruitment process of your team
  • Coordinate volunteers planning and ChangeNOW team’s needs
  • Organize volunteers trainings

How can I volunteer during events?

Whether it is for the summit or other year-round events,
join the organisation of vibrant events dedicated to positive impact!

Team leaders and special roles are onboarded 1 to 3 months before the event,
while other volunteers are onboarded a few days before the events.

Content and VIP coordination

  • Manage the stages on-site (coordination with the backstage, going live with slide presentations, dealing with entry & exit of the stage…).
  • Manage relations with the speakers, the exhibitors and our pitch participants & jurys before the summit on-site.
  • Work with us to coordinate the guided tours through the World Expo

Logistic before and during the events

  • Help create decorations, set up and dismantle.
  • Welcoming and help participants with orientation.
  • Contribute to making zero waste events.
    Coordinate of side-events


  • Welcome media and coordinating press tours.
  • Report quotes, taking screenshots, photos and videos.
  • Help the community manager on social networks.

Art and cultural mediation

  • Coordinate guided tour of the Art for Change exhibition.
  • Manage relations with the artists.
  • Help general public when artworks are participatory.

Tech logistic and digital platform

  • Help participants with orientation on the website, questions regarding ticketing or networking activities on the summit.


What do you like about beeing a ChangeNOW volunteer?

I loved the spirit of the summit, meeting and interacting with peers and other volunteers, the professionalism, warmth and kindness of ChangeNOW teams. The organisation, planning and support to volunteers were really great! I also appreciated the briefings.
The team was really wonderful.

Sophie, ChangeNOW 2022

I enjoyed the energy and support I got from the whole team! Helping making it happen, meeting people and learning about soo many things!

Enrique, ChangeNOW 2022

The team's vibes and the experience itself ! Everyone was forthcoming. There was a very positive energy. I also felt like I learned a lot in a short time frame.

Bianca, ChangeNOW 2021

The responsibility. Partaking in the effort to make the summit happen. Having a peek at the machinery. The camaraderie. Engaging with the founders.

Joris, ChangeNOW 2018, 2020 & 2021

I really loved this experience. I loved being with people who care about our planet, feeling the hope, and supporting this event in which I recognize myself. The team was extremely nice, always smiling even if exhausted. It was also very nice to have the possibility to exchange roles sometimes to see the whole summit. Thank you so much for everything

Auriane, ChangeNOW 2020

Being part of the whole dream team. Discovering the backstage of such an event. Feeling useful. Making friends!

Mélanie, ChangeNOW 2020

Thank you to our amazing team of volunteers!


Let us know more about you thanks to the form and we will come back to you directly with more details.
Form to apply

For each mission, we will define specific criteria. In addition to motivation, these may include availability or, in some cases, know-how. The information provided by the candidates when they apply will allow us to identify future volunteers.

Regarding the yearly positions, the candidate can choose to apply for the one(s) he/she likes.
For the event positions, the candidate cannot specifically choose his/her mission but we will obviously take into account his/her aspirations, availability and know-how so that each volunteer can live an experience that corresponds to him/her. Of course, our proposal can be refused.

The volunteer will have to co-sign voluntary agreement with ChangeNOW Communities.