About the initiative

Created in 2021, the Women for Change initiative is a platform providing visibility and opportunities for changemakers throughout the world. Millions of women are leading the change but lack the necessary recognition within the global impact ecosystem. 


80% of the world's displaced people due to global warming are women

COP28: Despite 140 world leaders scheduled to speak, only 15 of them were women

5 times less funding for women entrepreneurs than their male counterparts

We help provide this space via two major highlights:

A flagship Women for Change event at the ChangeNOW Summit

Create a conversation with key actor of business and society around the concept of sponsorship and its importance as a major lever for gender equality.

A global campaign : Women Shaping our Future

Featuring 25 portraits of women who are going to have a significant positive impact on their community/country or the world over the next 10 years.

What’s planned in 2024?

With ChangeNOW 2024 taking place in March, we are merging the Women Shaping our Future campaign and the Women for Change flagship event into one big ceremony, designed to put these changemakers forward and connect them with potential sponsors.

Sponsorship – the action for people in positions of power to use their personal influence and resources to place women in key roles– has become the common thread running through this year-round initiative, because we are convinced that it is the key lever for addressing gender inequalities in access to resources.


  • To attend the Women for Change conference, you need a ChangeNOW ticket

  • If you are a potential sponsor, you can request via this link an invitation to the networking session after the event – limited number of guests available


Our job is to identify and highlight positive impact entrepreneurs who do not have access to the visibility, recognition and business opportunities they deserve. These resources are key for their growth.


And in this context, it is known that women have even less access to this visibility, recognition and business opportunities for several reasons, be it lack of sponsorship, biased funding processes or others.ChangeNOW has become, in four years, a real accelerator of solutions but also a legitimate platform for visibility on social and environmental issues.

So we wanted to do something, at our scale.

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