About changenow


Launched in 2017, ChangeNOW is a social enterprise that accelerates the environmental and social transition by fostering the deployment of concrete actions and solutions responding to the biggest challenges of our century.

Our story

This is story of an idea. This idea that a new generation of entrepreneurs, citizens, artists,… would find ways to respond to the major environmental and social challenges of the century.

Important goals and ambitions were set in 2015 to address them: SDGs, the Paris agreement, etc… yet lacked a roadmap. Concrete solutions led by inspiring and driven individuals started emerging, yet remained isolated, unknown, and struggled to scale.The impact ecosystem slowly emerged, yet needed support to grow and accelerate the adoption of new standards. Joining forces was an imperative.

This is how the ChangeNOW Summit was born: bringing together the World’s most innovative minds and sustainability leaders invested in the deployment of concret actions for the planet to make progress and help these ideas spread across industries and geographies.

Carried by a visionary, humanistic and action-oriented spirit, the ChangeNOW adventure started in 2017 in Paris, federating and creating opportunities for thousands of key actors of change ever since.


ChangeNOW accelerates the environmental and social transition by fostering the deployment of solutions that respond to the biggest challenges of our century 

We create

opportunities by connecting innovators with investors, institutions, corporate organizations, media, and all other resources they need to scale

We build

and strengthen a global ecosystem for change

We transform

by setting new standards with a systemic approach

We influence

by showcasing inspiring actions and personalities

We create inspiring events accelerating positive impact and influence actions, changing norms, companies and individuals

Each year, we organise the ChangeNOW summit, the largest event of solutions for the planet, bringing together innovators, investors, thought leaders, and policymakers in an inspiring and action-oriented format. We identify promising solutions for the planet and connect them to the resources they need to scale.

Year round, we organise thematic events such as the Impact Job fair, the recruitment fair dedicated to positive impact.Each year we publish, with Les Echos START, the French ranking of the best schools to change the world, and we create influence campaigns such as “Women for Change” and “Sport for Change”, to inspire and change norms


ChangeNOW gathers a community of thousands of changemakers, including entrepreneurs, investors, companies, creative minds, policy makers, NGOs, thought leaders, media, talent, and citizens, from all around the world.


ChangeNOW supports all initiatives that meet the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

We address the 4 major equations for a sustainable world:

  • Climate
  • Biodiversity
  • Resources
  • Inclusion


Every year ChangeNOW is the place for hundreds of impact stories to begin!

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