Film for Change

Searching for new narratives in fiction

Films and series hold immense sway over collective imagination.
Our objective is to accelerate the evolution of the audiovisual industry
and to harness the storytelling power of cinema for positive change.
We weave new narratives into familiar stories—more inclusive, human-centric, and environmentally aware.

3 pillars

to adress the topic during the Summit

Pro event

Gathering the industry around 
new narratives experts 
and projects to inspire 
and promote concrete action


Common Ground

European Premiere

with the movie teams


Adressing the challenges 
and opportunities of 
the cinema industry worldwide


 MARCH 26TH – 4:30PM

Searching for new narratives

An event bringing together the audiovisual sector – producers, distributors, authors, actors – and new narratives experts to promote more inclusive and environmental conscious narratives at the heart of mainstream fiction.

We will explore through conferences and inspiring project pitches how fiction can contribute to the construction of more sustainable collective imaginaries.

Pitch Session

The selection of the top 8 fiction projects embodying these new narratives will pitch to a jury of producers and distributors.

Not necessarily activists, these modern fictions, while retaining their appeal, inspire sustainable behaviours on screen and awaken public consciousness.

The Jury

Boris Razon

Editorial Director



Thomas Anargyros



Carole Scotta


Haut et Court

Elisha Karmit



Nathalie Cieutat

 Deputy General Manager Distribution

Pathé Films

Anne Holmes

Fiction director


Sidonie Dumas

General director



Screening of Common ground - European Premiere with the movie's team

Join us on March 25 from 6pm to 9pm CET for the first European screening of the movie Common Ground, the sequel to the highly successful documentary Kiss the Ground. By fusing journalistic expose’ with deeply personal stories from those on the front lines of the food movement, Common Ground unveils a dark web of money, power, and politics behind our broken food system.

Directed & produced by Joshua and Rebecca Tickell
With Rosario Dawson, Lauran Dern, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Jason Momoa, Ian Somerhalder, and more…

Free entrance: no ChangeNOW pass needed!


Inspiring conferences to discuss the role fiction can play in the ecological transition. What are these new narratives? What imaginaries can cinema contribute building ?

We will also discuss various ways to integrate these new imaginaries into creation. How action, adventure, and romance films can carry these new narratives through clandestine messages, the importance of constructing narratives in desirable and viable futures versus futures of collapse…

Our goal is to use and nourish the amazing storytelling power of cinema for positive change.

The Speakers

Jean-Pierre Goux




Lucie Lucas


Anne-Sophie Mouraud

Freediver and Founder

Coexistence Crew

Stéphane Cazes

Director and Screenwriter

Frederic Tellier



The narratives
Expert committee

A committee of professionals working on the transition of the sector at various levels, contributing to the selection of subjects and projects to put forward.

Sandy Arzur

General Director


Mathieu Delahousse

General Director

Flying Secoya

Pascal Signolet

CEO and Founder

Festival Atmosphères

Juliette Vigoureux

Co-founder / Cinema project manager

Collectif CUT! / The Shift Project

Valerie Zoydo

Author, Director, Producer

Founder of  l’Assemblée citoyenne des imaginaires

Magali Payen

Activist and Founder

Imagine 2050 and On est prêt

They Support the initiative