Film for Change

Put forward new narratives in fiction

Films and series hold immense sway over collective imagination.
Our objective is to accelerate the evolution of the audiovisual industry
and to harness the storytelling power of cinema for positive change.
We weave new narratives into familiar stories—more inclusive, human-centric, and environmentally aware.

3 pillars

to adress the topic during the Summit


Adressing the challenges 
and opportunities of 
the cinema industry worldwide


Showcasing the current film landscape integrating those narratives to the general public

Pro event

Gathering the industry around 
new narratives experts 
and projects to inspire 
and promote concrete action

The narratives
Expert committee

A committee of professionals working on the transition of the sector at various levels, contributing to the selection of subjects and projects to put forward.

Sandy Arzur

General Director


Mathieu Delahousse

General Director

Flying Secoya

Pascal Signolet

CEO and Founder

Festival Atmosphères

Juliette Vigoureux

Co-founder / Cinema project manager

Collectif CUT! / The Shift Project

Valerie Zoydo

Author, Director, Producer

Founder of  l’Assemblée citoyenne des imaginaires

Magali Payen

Activist and Founder

Imagine 2050 and On est prĂŞt

They Support the initiative