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Harnessing Art for change

Unfolded Horizons brings together artists, designers, photographers and performers who toy around with waves, borders and impossible horizons. Having returned from the farthest reaches of the world to exhibit at the Grand Palais Éphémère for 3 days, these far-sighted emissaries unfurl the treasures of a sober, lively and nuanced world.

What more beautiful nave than the Grand Palais Éphémère to come aboard and see for ourselves what lies hidden in the folds of the horizon?
All aboard for the most ambitious artistic programme ChangeNOW has offered in its 7 editions.

Discover the 2024 exhibition:

Voiles Lumière

(Sails and Light)

Inspired by circumnavigation and designed using recycled materials, Voiles Lumière is a sensory invitation to embark on a voyage towards less linear, more circular models.

ChangeNOW brings together artists and designers Myriam Le Pihive and Alice Bleton to create a four-handed, monumental and immersive space. They explore the sensory relationship with space through the language of colour, the interplay of volumes, tensions and balances, to evoke energies and the subtle relationships between objects and beings, humans and nature.

This installation is participatory and will be co-created by you and all the participants in the Summit over the 3 days.

Voiles Lumière is the result of a collaboration between the artists and partners who share the same values:

  • Romain Pillard, skipper of the Ultim trimaran “Use It Again!” and ambassador for circular economy in sailing
  • Uptrade, Europe’s first marketplace for the reuse of fabrics leftovers
  • Treedom, world’s first platform for tree planting and online tracking, who will be planting 1 tree in the mangrove per participant (stay tuned for the results after the Summit!)
  • Alexandre Strzelewicz, patron and artist

Hors Studio

Hors Studio (Rebecca Fezart and Élodie Michaud) is a design, research and crafts studio specialising in the creation of biomaterials from waste. Inspired by a 16th-century Swedish recipe, they invented Leatherstone®, an innovative material that recycles leather scraps from high end maroquinerie. Polymorphic, the Leatherstone® suits a wide range of decorative and design applications. It has water and fire resistance properties.


At ChangeNOW, Hors Studio will be presenting a scenography to be contemplated and caressed, somewhere between the future and ruins of the past.

Constance Guisset

In the Sports zone, Constance Guisset Studio has imagined a surprising, sustainable and playful installation with games at adult level. The French designer has used circular flooring solutions designed to be easily collected and recycled at the end of their life.

This space was developed in close collaboration with Tarkett.

Vox Oceano

After her “anthropocite” sculpture in 2022, Caroline Desnoëttes returns to ChangeNOW with a new R&D project bridging academic research with industrial application, using art to unite institutions that didn’t speak to each other: algae research centres and the music industry!

Caroline Desnoëttes’ low-tech musical installation, a bio-baste work of art, takes algae to another dimension, and us with it.

With the support of the Institute of Chemical Sciences at the University of Rennes 1, Station biologique de Roscoff CNRS – Sorbonne.

With the kind participation of Discomaton, Les Matériaux Parisiens, Kevin Cascella, bio-acoustician Olivier Adam and MPO

Mycelium Oracle

Artist Côme Di Meglio works with a mysterious living material: mycelium. His work at the Summit is a sensory immersion specially designed for ChangeNOW, enabling us to hear and touch subterranean truths, revealed by the oracular properties of a network that connects the roots of trees, and why not those of humans?

With the precious support of Ruinart

Planet Ocean

The official poster of ChangeNOW 2024, the central totem, the Eiffel Stage monumental windows and The Planet Ocean exhibition were created by artivist Janina Rossiter.

Janina Rossiter raises awareness about ocean issues and promotes behavior changes to protect the planet. Through her art, she communicates environmental messages in a universally understandable visual language. She’s also the author and illustrator of best seller children’s books.


In the First Responders zone of the ChangeNOW World Expo, you can find a capsule exhibition of William Keo’s very powerful photoreporter’s work Syria, Irak, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Israël and Palestine after Arab Springs. Born in 1996, the French-Cambodian photographer, a Magnum Photos nominee, focuses on stories related to his own family history and refugee past, i.e. migration, social exclusion and inter-community intolerance.


SINK / RISE is the third chapter of The Day May Break, an ongoing portrait series by Nick Brandt, focusing on people living off the coasts of the Fijian islands whose homes, land and livelihoods are being sunk and lost as water rises. It was an incredible technical feat that everyone and everything was actually shot with a camera underwater.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the precious help of polka galerie


Photographer and author Maxime Riché explores both ecological and social impacts of magafires that spurred in Paradise, California in 2018 and 2021. It is a parable about our ability to heal and rebuild after fires whose causes are increasingly human., but also an outlook on our hubris to go against natural life at all costs. We are lucky to be presenting a resinotype created with Maison Picturale in Paris, a novel technique based on gelatin pigment printing with natural pigments, pine resin and ashes collected in Paradise. This process allows giving the prints the materiality of the black pinewood ashes.

Trees Of Life

Produced during a residency in Chad and Senegal, the “Trees of Life” exhibition by photographer Nicolas Henry highlights the importance of acacias to ecological and social ecosystems of the Sahel. A key player in the “Great Green Wall”, together with the baobab tree and the balanites tree, they combat desertification, also providing the ingredients for local medicine and a source of additional income, particularly for women.

Less and Better Coffee

Photographs by Fabrice Leseigneur.

Texts by Christophe Servell


This photographic exhibition takes us on a journey “back to the origins” of specialty coffee to discover “new coffee growers” who are no longer under the thumb of lobbies and globalised roasters. It also underlines how consumers must take responsibility for their own purchasing behaviour towards a non-vital mass consumer product.

Could this new industry – which is breaking down and subverting the conventions of a traditional industry that has run out of steam – inspire a trend towards more sustainable food on a wider scale?

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the contribution of Terres de Café

Minuit 12

The Minuit 12 collective brings together dancers and multidisciplinary artists around sensitive creations using bodies and dance to create striking images. Very dedicated to Climate and the protection of Life, and led by Jade Verda, Pauline Lida and Justine Sène, Minuit 12 imagines original choreographies with a purpose. After their campaigns against EACOP or Deep Sea Mining at the Ocean Summit, we are very happy to welcome them on stage.


Tom Lémofil, a young poet and slammer, uses his lyrics, his voice and his stage presence to deliver intimate and universal emotions, combining joy and fear in the face of the world’s race and crises. Vulnerable and strong, we have the pleasure of hearing him sing and talk about his career and his commitments.

Patrick Scheyder

Writer and fearless pianist Patrick Scheyder would set down his piano in the middle of a forest or at the heart of the Musée d’Orsay. A precursor of Cultural Ecology, a promoter of George Sand’s commitment to protecting the Forest of Fontainebleau, he links and unites activists, generations apart. Patrick Scheyder and his piano will be at Collective Stage on Wednesday, so don’t miss him!

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