Art for Change

True to a certain “Universal Exhibition spirit”, ChangeNOW gives a special place to artists, designers, art & culture professionals for them to inspire and reflect on the major environmental and social challenges of the century.

Discover the 2023 exhibition:

Minuit 12

The Minuit 12 collective brings together dancers and multidisciplinary artists around sensitive creations using bodies and dance to create striking images. Very dedicated to Climate and the protection of Life, and led by Jade Verda, Pauline Lida and Justine Sène, Minuit 12 imagines original choreographies with a purpose.


After their campaigns against EACOP or Deep Sea Mining at the Ocean Summit, we are very happy to welcome them on stage.

The Magic House by Pangea (Colombine Jubert & Laëtitia Rouget)

The Magic House is a monumental and colorful temple of dreams. This poetic installation will invite changemakers to imagine a desirable future during the 3 days of the summit.


The participants, who will discover the artwork right upon their arrival at the Grand Palais Éphémère, will explore a forest of hope messages and be able to leave their own wishes for the future.


Made from reused fabrics donated thanks to the support of Uptrade, the work also questions the global impact of the fashion industry.

Habitats by Nils Udo

At ChangeNOW, Ruinart is showing its commitment to biodiversity through the work HABITAT created by German artist NILS-UDO.


This work evokes the three monumental living sculptures he created in the heart of Ruinart’s historic vineyard in Taissy, on the Montagne de Reims.


NILS-UDO, a pioneer of land art, used the vines removed from the vineyard by the Ruinart teams to fragment huge plots of land in order to give them a bocage-like size and thus encourage biodiversity. The oak trunks that make up the poles of the sculptures come from the immediate vicinity and were cut down to clean up the forest, as were the young pine trees used as branches. They are set in the oak trees and arranged in a fan shape, forming an umbrella with a nest of vines. These HABITATS, like an offering to nature, do not contain any nails or metal fixtures. The weather, natural erosion, but especially the presence of animals and insects are an integral part of the work creating a true ecosystem where art and nature flourish in the heart of the chardonnay vines.


In partnership with The World Living Soils Forum

Live Painting by Fleur Blume

Fleur Blume will bring street art inside the walls of the Grand Palais Éphémère. She pulls her inspirations from dense tropical forests and landscapes, as well as outstanding women embodying equality, freedom, strength and justice. Fleur will be painting during the 3 days of the Summit and let participants contribute to the mural with brushes. She will paint with bio-based paint provided by Colibri Peinture. This art experience was made possible thanks to the help of ArtBeat


This “beizam” (“hammerhead shark” in Meriam, an aboriginal language) represents the horror of death and destruction caused by the abandoned fishing nets in the Australian region of the Torres strait.


It was created by stitching reclaimed fishing nets or “ghost nets”, drifting aimlessly in the Ocean, often killing sea animals. The ghostnet art movement raises awareness on the world-wide problem of ocean pollution.


Concept, design and construction by Erub Arts, artistic director Lynnette Griffiths. Head and tail frame by Jimmy J Thaiday and Solomon Charlie, all the felted pieces by Ethel Charlie, Florence Gutchen, Lavinia Ketchell, Diann Lui, Nancy Naawi, Racy Oui-Pitt and Ellarose Savage. Small circles and tail felting by Jimmy K Thaiday. Hanging system by Ralph Griffiths, hung by Jimmy K Thaiday, Marion Gaemers.


We are grateful to Galerie Arts d’Australie – Stéphane Jacob for allowing the exhibition of this work. For any enquiry about the acquisition of Beizam, please directly contact the gallery.

Riding to Explore

A photo exhibition to raise awareness on climate emergency and more particularly on glaciers.


These photos were taken by Armelle Courtois & Martin Thomas, two professional athletes, committed to defend glaciers, natural regulators of climate and water resources.


The power of images and the strength that a sporting feat raises is a real opportunity to observe and raise awareness about the consequences of global warming.


In partnership with the Mirova Foundation

The Circular Fountain

An original Circular Fountain was created by Tobie Chevallier, a young artist who also exhibited at ChangeNOW in 2022, industrial designer (ENSAAMA, Central Saint Martins) and bamboo virtuoso, a plant known for its greywater phytopurification properties.
He imagined a remarkable and organic installation as a new virtuous water cycle. It allows to rethink the role of humans at the heart of a circular system that limits hydric stress.


This water bar celebrates the strategic partnership between Saur and InovaYa, addressing the urgent global hydric transition, it features InovaYa’s innovative filtration technology.