International Governance

Creating collaborations beyond borders and organizations

Facilitate collaboration among institutional entities, innovators, and change-makers to drive systemic change.

Hosting the COP15 desertification annual event

ChangeNOW hosts the COP15 desertification event, merging international diplomacy with citizen-led innovation. This unique collaboration translates innovative ideas into concrete actions:

  • Learn at conferences on Institutional Power & Innovation for Biodiversity.
  • Explore solutions combating desertification through research and innovation.
  • Raise awareness with COP15’s Desertification fresco unveiling.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, fostering connections and impactful projects.

Democratic debate: lead candidates at the european elections discussing ecological and social transition issues at ChangeNOW

On June 9, 2024, the European elections hold significant importance for building a sustainable society for all. ChangeNOW has hosted the first democratic debate with French EU election candidates, focusing on key ecological and social transition topics. This pivotal event, was also broadcasted on France Info TV.

Gathering 30 cities worldwide

Gathering 20-30 cities worldwide, the Sustainable Cities Program at ChangeNOW focuses on ecological and social urban transition. Featuring workshops, solution showcases, and innovator collaboration, the program includes a high-level roundtable led by Sandrine Dixson-Declève of the Club of Rome and an innovator workshop facilitated by the European Commission’s Smart Cities Marketplace.

City participants in 2024 have included Lyon, Brussels, Antwerp, Essen, Biarritz, Reykjavik, Turku, Charleroi, Vantaa, Mannheim, and more.


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Welcoming International Delegations for Sustainable Development

ChangeNOW welcomes international delegations working on sustainable development issues, fostering collaboration between regions. Participating territories include Singapore, Taiwan , Japan, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Quebec, Luxemburg, Belgium, The Hague, Ukraine, Rwanda and more. Join us to explore project opportunities, share insights, and contribute to a sustainable future

Governmental Presence: French and International Engagement

Each year, ChangeNOW brings together government forces. This year, the French government will be at ChangeNOW to share its strategy and projects related to the ecological and social transition, fostering connections with citizen innovation.

International engagement includes representatives from Europe, Germany and other nations.