Empowering companies to drive positive change

We work to empower companies to drive positive change.
We bring together more than 10,000 companies, host major events focusing on corporate commitments, and encourage top executives to take concrete action.

Hosting the CDP Awards Europe ceremony with 250 European leaders

In partnership with Euronews, and as an exclusive private event during ChangeNOW 2024, the CDP Awards Europe ceremony will gather policymakers, mayors and top executives together to discuss the sustainable transition. An exclusive networking reception will bring together the cities and the 400 companies on the CDP’s A-List of Environmental Leaders 2023. The event will also launch the CDP Europe Report 2024.

Highlighting great, committed leaders

We welcome to the stage companies pioneering the transition in their industry, and we organize debates and discussions on stage with experts and impact leaders.

More than 15 CEOs from major groups take to the stage every year to embody their group’s transformation.

In 2024 we had on stage:

  • Chris Guerin x Clover Hogan – New narratives for change
  • Cléa Martinet, Renault Group – Carbon reduction
  • François Gemenne, invited by HEC
  • Paul Polman, Imagine – Driving impact from the Board
  • Brune Poirson, Accor Group – From individual action to collective power
  • Sherry Madera (CEO, CDP) x Sandra Musara (CEO Fairtrade)

The Pionneers Dinner on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower

This major event brings together 100 leading executives, elected representatives, innovators and experts to encourage discussions and meetings between decision-makers and those responsible for concrete action.

Each year, an inspirational leader opens the dinner: in 2022, we welcomed Clover Hogan, activist and founder of Force of Nature, and in 2023, Kate Raworth, economist and co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab.

Learning expeditions to train 1,000+ corporate leaders and managers

ChangeNOW’s Learning Expeditions are tailored guided tours caterring specifically to C-level executives, board members, and management teams. These guided tours provide a global understanding in a reduced timeframe of crucial themes such as Circular Economy, Carbon Reduction, and Biodiversity. These programs are aimed at broadening the teams’ understanding of sustainability and inspiring change within the company. These expeditions can include activities such as hosting meetings, arranging private pitch sessions, or organizing premium networking events.

A training program dedicated to board members:

The half-day training “How to get your board on board” aims to raise awareness on the critical role played by boards of directors when it comes to promoting sustainable development in companies.

Special events for professionals, by activity

The main players and networks in the impact ecosystem come together every year at ChangeNOW, organizing key events for different communities: themed workshops, community meetups, Hackaton, networking events.. They’re a great opportunity to develop relationships with your peers, other participants, companies, find projects to invest in, and meet like-minded people.

Mobilizing ChangeNOW partners to align with the Paris agreements.

ChangeNOW wants to encourage companies to go further, and is calling on its official partners to demonstrate climate transparency and set scientific targets aligned with the Paris Agreements, as sanctioned by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).