CHANGEMAKER STORIES You are an athlete committed to the theme of ecological transition. How does this translate into your work and daily life? Through the education I received, I was lucky enough to be made aware of the environmental issues at a very young age. I grew up in the countryside, and hence was very […]


CHANGEMAKER STORIES In your opinion, what is the role of sport in the ecological transition? It seems essential to me. As athletes, we are part of the problem with all the competitions and the ecological footprint of major events. But we are also part of the solution. The organizers of major events have their part […]

Today, ChangeNOW is turning 5
5 years of concrete action, hope and humanity.

On Sep. 29th 2017, the 1st edition of ChangeNOW was held in Paris. Everything started with an idea. The idea that a new generation of entrepreneurs, citizens, companies, artists and creative minds should gather to respond to the major environmental and social challenges of our century and establish their solutions as a new model, a […]


Arnaud Assoumani is a high-level athlete specialized in long jump and triple jump. He has won 5 Paralympic medals, including a gold medal in long jump in Beijing (China), and has a large international record. TODAY, HE IS AWARE OF THE ROLE OF ATHLETES IN SETTING AN EXAMPLE, AND WISHES TO SHARE HIS VISION OF […]