On Sep. 29th 2017, the 1st edition of ChangeNOW was held in Paris.

Everything started with an idea. The idea that a new generation of entrepreneurs, citizens, companies, artists and creative minds should gather to respond to the major environmental and social challenges of our century and establish their solutions as a new model, a new standard. This is the support we dedicated ourselves to deliver ever since!

Within the last 5 years, we have witnessed the blooming of the impact ecosystem. We have had the privilege to accompany the development of numerous solutions to a larger scale.
We are thrilled with the success stories made possible by the summit, from the passing of a new law regarding microplastics in France, to collaborations between startups and larger companies, fundraising deals and the inspiration we gave to many individuals to change course towards more positive impact. This is our “raison d’être”.

Last but not least, ChangeNOW is also the story of a community. It’s all about you! Changemakers, partners, speakers, exhibitors, suppliers and volunteers… a big thank you for making all this possible! To all of you who are reading us, who are following us, your continued support is the most sustainable fuel we can dream of!

Let’s blow the candles, now! There is still much to be done 🙂

With love

Founder & CEO of ChangeNOW

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer