Earth Action Report par ChangeNOW x KPMG

Earth Action Report : ChangeNOW et KPMG publient la 1 ère édition de leur rapport annuel Ce rapport annuel révéle les priorités et solutions pour faire face aux défis écologiques, sociaux et sociétaux, avec la contribution de 100 leaders clés de la transition. La préservation de la biodiversité et des écosystèmes reconnue comme la priorité […]

ChangeNOW unveils full program for 2024

CHANGENOW UNVEILS FULL PROGRAM FOR 2024, ACCELERATING ECOLOGICAL & SOCIAL TRANSITION Paris, Monday March 4th — 3 weeks from now, ChangeNOW, the key actor and facilitator of the ecological and social transition, is set to host ChangeNOW 2024, the largest event of solutions for the planet. Driven by a deep dedication to concrete action, the […]

Sandrine Dixson-Declève shares her insights on COP28 outcomes

Finding Hope Amidst Entrenched Interests: Sandrine Dixson-Declève shares her insights on COP28 outcomes. After 10 days of active engagement in Dubai, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of The Club of Rome, reflects on what happened at COP28 for the ChangeNOW community, highlighting small victories but also the urgent need to reshape international climate governance. What does this […]


Third edition of the ChangeNOW – Les Echos START ranking ranking of the schools most committed to the ecological and social transition. ChangeNOW and Les Echos START, in partnership with Deloitte France, have unveiled the third edition of their ranking of the schools most committed to the ecological and social transition. Alongside the ranking of […]

Igniting Change: The 13 Thematic Zones Shaping our Future at ChangeNOW 2023

Prepare to be immersed in a world where solutions, inspiration, and investments converge to illuminate the brightest innovations and empower them to shine. Here, we champion the trailblazers who dare to challenge the status quo and reshape our future. Step into the vivid landscape of ChangeNOW 2023, where you’ll explore 13 distinct thematic zones, each […]

The Power of the Ecosystem at ChangeNOW

The Power of the Ecosystem at ChangeNOW: Meet, learn, and accelerate your impact with the biggest actors in the ecosystem. ChangeNOW is centered around a robust ecosystem that goes beyond being a simple community of changemakers. It is a powerful platform that unites a range of stakeholders from around the world, all committed to creating […]

25 Women Shaping Our Future

Women Shaping Our Future: Meet 25 women who will have a massive positive impact on the world in the next ten years The Women Shaping our Future campaign has returned for its third edition, highlighting 25 women making a significant impact in their communities and the world. These women are changemakers, innovators, and leaders in […]


Matthieu Witvoet is one of the project leaders supported by the Impact 2024 endowment fund. Eco-adventurer, Matthieu is convinced that sport is also an excellent lever to raise awareness of the ecological crisis. Through his sporting challenges, he alerts people to specific environmental issues and encourages them to take action. How did your commitment as […]


Previously in charge of sport and spokesperson for WWF France, Mael Besson also worked at the Ministry of Sports for the Sport and Sustainable Development mission, where he piloted the creation of the Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments. The daily practice of sport, major sporting events, and the economic model of sport are all actions […]