The Power of the Ecosystem at ChangeNOW

The Power of the Ecosystem at ChangeNOW: Meet, learn, and accelerate your impact with the biggest actors in the ecosystem.

ChangeNOW is centered around a robust ecosystem that goes beyond being a simple community of changemakers. It is a powerful platform that unites a range of stakeholders from around the world, all committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable planet. The platform harnesses the diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources of its members to tackle global challenges head-on.

What we mean by our “Ecosystem partnerships”  is a new way to collaborate with key players in the global impact ecosystem to create hand-in-hand the best conditions for this environmental and social transition to take place. The ecosystem perspective is critical as it brings together diverse stakeholders to foster collaboration, showcase innovative solutions, drive investment and funding, and promote awareness and education about global challenges and solutions. By connecting individuals and organizations from different sectors and regions, the ecosystem drives innovation and creates positive change on a global scale.

"Our ecosystem partners are, with their communities, an extraordinary driving force for positive impact. They bring their expertise, a unique perspective, and contributions that are invaluable in helping us address global challenges and create positive change."

Our Ecosystem

We work very closely with very different kinds of actors who contribute, in their own way, to creating very strong value for entrepreneurs, citizens, and policymakers but also for the entire impact ecosystem as a global community of people who want to make change happen.


They federate communities that have the capital, influence, and resources to make a difference (Earthshot Prize, B Lab, Ashoka, BSR, C3D, SHEChanges Climate).

They bring together key networks of entrepreneurs, engaged youth, opinion leaders, and influencers in specific geographical areas, enabling us to reach a broader audience and have a more significant impact (One Young World, ChangemakerXChange, Force of Nature, Global Shapers, Jokkolabs, Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

They have thematic expertise that is recognized and valued by their community, which allows us to highlight knowledge and skills from different perspectives to fuel the conversations (CleanTech Open, Jane Goodall Institute, Kofi Annan Foundation, Health in Harmony, Groupe SOS, DENA). Leveraging their knowledge, we spotlight solutions that address pressing global challenges.

They accompany and grow the most innovative and promising solutions for which ChangeNOW will become a valuable acceleration platform (Impact Hub, Founder Institute, Unreasonable, Startup Energy Transition, Earthshot Prize).

Humility, Trust, and Cooperation

Our partnerships are founded on the values of humility, trust, and cooperation. 

We place great importance on receiving feedback from our partners and working together to build operations that provide high-added value for impact entrepreneurs and the global ecosystem. We do not believe in setting minimum requirements or contracts, as we believe that everyone has a stake in the collaboration they create.

We assume a learning mindset and believe that everyone can learn from each other. By working together, we can tackle complex challenges and drive real systemic change. We strive to create a collaborative environment that encourages open communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our partnerships have a clear objective: to make a positive difference by increasing awareness of critical issues that affect us all. We aim to engage more people in this effort and to raise the profile of the international impact ecosystem.

By bringing together all stakeholders with the necessary resources and shedding light on the most pressing issues, we mobilize decision-makers to take action and grow existing solutions. This collaborative approach allows us to have a more significant impact and creates momentum toward a desirable future.

This is why joining forces is key. Our strengths are different and complementary.

Working together in a framework that we share, a respectful, caring, and supportive one, will truly enable us to accelerate positive change at a global scale. This is our core belief

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