Driving Impact Investment: A Conversation with Axel Paugam

Driving Impact Investment: A Conversation with Axel Paugam Ecosystem Builder and Champion of Sustainable Impact Investing: Axel Paugam’s Inspiring Journey In the world of impact investing, Axel Paugam stands tall as an ecosystem builder. As the General Delegate of Impact Business Angels and a key player in Groupe SOS’s impact investments, Axel has driven capital […]

Unveiling the first 10 solutions selected for ChangeNOW 2023!

Unveiling the first 10 solutions selected for ChangeNOW 2023! Our team has worked hard over the past few months, carefully reviewing and considering numerous applications from individuals and organizations worldwide. Even now, at the end of the Second Round of our Call for Solutions, we continue to be inspired by the solutions presented and their […]

Athletes for Change

Athletes for Change At every sporting event, they are thrust into the spotlight. Beyond their sporting performances, all their actions are admired, scrutinized, and analyzed by the public : athletes have become role models. More and more of these sports warriors are using this notoriety to defend causes that are close to their hearts: the […]

ChangeNOW to require science-based targets for its official partners

corporate partners sustainable commitments In partnership with CDP, ChangeNOW will become the first international event assessing its Official partners’ sustainability commitments, based on science-based targets. Leading by example ChangeNOW is the World’s largest event of solutions for the planet and, as such, we have the major responsibility of leading by example. As a company, as […]

Our Sustainable Commitments for 2023

Visuel de fond : Logo ChangeNOW - Fond en bois et feuillage au premier plan

2023 Sustainable commitments We’re committed to continuous improvement and taking Sustainable commitments for 2023 : from travel to production to food, waste, and resources, changenow will continue leading the next generation of sustainable event organizations. In 2022, our objective was to better understand the carbon impact of ChangeNOW : The event footprint was measured, and […]

Makers’ Stories : la grande aventure par ChangeNOW & So good

Trois personnes, Deux femmes, Un homme devant l'Everest

MAKERS’ STORIES : la grande aventure par changenow & so good Quel est le point commun entre la primatologue Jane Goodall, le président de Paris 2024 Tony Estanguet et l’activiste Memory Banda ? Tous sont intervenus à ChangeNOW 2022 et font partie de Makers’ Stories, un supplément So good x ChangeNOW qui réunit vingt histoires […]

Commit to the planet with The Wall of Change, a participatory artwork by Tim Zdey

ART FOR CHANGE As part of the Art for Change program, ChangeNOW has invited French artist Tim Zdey to create two monumental art pieces with the lowest ecological footprint possible for the 2022 edition of the summit. The first one is a hand-painted and vegetalized archway, designed to welcome the visitors at the entrance of […]

Tribune denouncing the Energy Charter Treaty

Tribune denouncing the Energy Charter Treaty - Le Monde - ChangeNOW

TRIBUNE Tribune denouncing the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) by Santiago Lefebvre & Yamina Saheb Our planet is changing, and the world needs to change with it. And it all starts with governance.  Santiago Lefebvre along with Yamina Saheb published a tribune denouncing the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) in the world renown newspaper Le Monde. The […]

How innovation will change the world of 2022

How innovation will change the world

REPORT How innovation will change the world in 2022 – SPRINGWISE REPORT Browse through Springwise’s Special Innovative Report from ChangeNOW 2022, and discover how innovation will change the world of 2022. “The solutions that are on display at this year’s ChangeNOW target both macro issues – clean energy and water, big data, biodiversity, and global […]