“Towards impact and beyond…” This is how one could sum up the common lineage adopted between ChangeNOW and B Lab!

On the one hand, there is a desire to federate, connect and multiply the synergies between the various impact players; on the other, there is a desire to support, provide tools and develop reading and action grids for greater commitment in companies. And in common, a great ambition to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.


Today, we, B Lab & ChangeNOW, would like to invite you to join our ecosystems. Companies, whether you are committed, in transition, questioning, motivated, lacking tools or networks: you are not alone. Join us in building a regenerative and inclusive economy that works for everyone.


Beyond speaking out loud, we want to give a voice to the business leaders who are initiating change in our ecosystems. Therefore, we interviewed 3 actors of our cross-communities to ask them why, and how, they manifest their impact on a daily basis in their companies. Alexandre Mars for Blisce, Clara Bardiau for the Skateroom and Belinda Christine Borck for Tony’s Chocolonely tell us about their commitment through a series of 3 pieces. Discover here the journey of Belinda Christine Borck, Impacticular Storyteller @ Tony’s Chocolonely.


Will eating chocolate save the planet?

We all know that eating chocolate makes everyone happy. Now imagine that by eating chocolate, you are not only happy but are also having a positive impact on the people and the planet! Together we can make sure that eating chocolate can contribute to saving the planet.


What does the job of Impacticular Storyteller involve in everyday life?

At Tony’s we strive to have the biggest impact possible, therefore we assess our impact and evaluate what we do on the ground in West Africa. My role is to turn these insights into stories that make everyone understand how we aim to achieve our mission of 100% slave-free chocolate.


Where does Tony’s golden ticket take us to?


Our objective is equality in the cocoa supply chain and an end to poverty for cocoa farmers in West Africa. Together we can reach the goal of all chocolate worldwide being produced without forced and child labour.

Why ChangeNOW, why B Lab?


It’s a holistic approach overseeing the entire supply chain, which aligns with our way of viewing and doing business. The strength of a cross-sector community working towards achieving the same goal has an immense value and it gives us the opportunity to learn from others, as well as share our progress and how we’ve achieved it.



Willing to know more about how to engage and commit at work? Here are a few ideas for you to know more :