“Towards impact and beyond…” This is how one could sum up the common lineage adopted between ChangeNOW and B Lab!

On the one hand, there is a desire to federate, connect and multiply the synergies between the various impact players; on the other, there is a desire to support, provide tools and develop reading and action grids for greater commitment in companies. And in common, a great ambition to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.



Today, we, B Lab & ChangeNOW, would like to invite you to join our ecosystems. Companies, whether you are committed, in transition, questioning, motivated, lacking tools or networks: you are not alone. Join us in building a regenerative and inclusive economy that works for everyone.


Beyond speaking out loud, we want to give a voice to the business leaders who are initiating change in our ecosystems. Therefore, we interviewed 3 actors of our cross-communities to ask them why, and how, they manifest their impact on a daily basis in their companies. Alexandre Mars for Blisce, Clara Bardiau for the Skateroom and Belinda Christine Borck for Tony’s Chocolonely tell us about their commitment through a series of 3 pieces. Discover here the journey of Alexandre Mars, CEO @ Blisce. 



Financing cutting-edge tech projects: how is it good for the planet and for people?

We at Blisce are acutely aware that the financial sector has a unique role to play in that it can steer immense resources toward socially-conscious companies that are both high impact and high growth. We take that responsibility very seriously, which is why social responsibility is a primary criterion we take into account when looking at purpose-driven technology companies to back — including areas like environmental impact, gender equality, and diversity & inclusion.

You are an entrepreneur, philanthropist, head of a VC firm: you wear a lot of hats! Which one helps the most to create positive impact?

I am a firm believer that everyone can have an impact at their own scale, no matter what role they may occupy. The various hats I wear aren’t separate, they’re all interconnected: I used my entrepreneurial skills and mindset to create Epic Foundation, which in turns supports exceptional social entrepreneurs all over the world. At Blisce, we help push companies to be better corporate citizens that generate both economic and social value… plus the Blisce team has committed to donating 20% of its carried interest to charity. It’s one big virtuous circle, I can’t choose just one.

What impact projects do you dream of funding through Blisce?

There’s no shortage of socially-conscious companies that are doing amazing work in our areas of expertise, like anti-food waste, future of health, micro-mobility and access to education. Too Good To Go, our most recent investment, is a great example of the type of impact-led companies we want to support. The number of meals they save from being wasted, by brilliantly connecting consumers with business-owners, is a core KPI for their business model. Today they’ve saved over 70 million meals from ending up in landfills. The environmental impact is astounding!

Why ChangeNOW, why B Lab?

For us, being part of the ChangeNOW and B Lab ecosystem means playing an active role in building the economy of the future: an economy that works for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. It’s by collaborating and sharing actionable best practices with one another that we can meaningfully move the needle and amplify our respective social and environmental commitments.


Willing to know more about how to engage and commit at work? Here are a few ideas for you to know more :