Sport for change is back,
join us for the 2nd edition on May 25, 2023

This unique initiative aims to

What's in it for you?

Whether it is in the amateur or professional field, everyone can become an actor for change and create a new era for sustainable event practices.

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This is what the Sport Sponsors Climate Pledge is all about.

By correlating for the first time sponsorship with planet-warming emissions reduction, we leverage financial capability and social pressure to change behaviors in the near term, within the sport ecosystem and in society as a whole. With this pledge, we will drive capital towards the best-in-class climate-friendly organizations. A new, virtuous paradigm.

The role of sport to address this climate crisis is key. It has the power to open our eyes to our own reality, but to do so, it must set the standards we aim to adopt globally. If the sport ecosystem agrees to show the way forward – instead of following – it will help us gain precious time in this race against climate change. It will accelerate exponentially our collective ability to respond to these global challenges.

In recent years, we went from collective denial to collective awareness. NOW is the time to move towards collective action. With and through the power of sport.

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