Igniting Change: The 13 Thematic Zones Shaping our Future at ChangeNOW 2023

Prepare to be immersed in a world where solutions, inspiration, and investments converge to illuminate the brightest innovations and empower them to shine. Here, we champion the trailblazers who dare to challenge the status quo and reshape our future. Step into the vivid landscape of ChangeNOW 2023, where you’ll explore 13 distinct thematic zones, each […]

Unveiling the first 10 solutions selected for ChangeNOW 2023!

Unveiling the first 10 solutions selected for ChangeNOW 2023! Our team has worked hard over the past few months, carefully reviewing and considering numerous applications from individuals and organizations worldwide. Even now, at the end of the Second Round of our Call for Solutions, we continue to be inspired by the solutions presented and their […]

Annual Call for Solutions by ChangeNOW: Meet our 2024 positive impact experts committee

POSITIVE IMPACT EXPERTS We are excited to announce our strengthened annual Call for Solutions selection process : In collaboration with the ChangeNOW team, Positive Impact Experts will help review and evaluate the most promising solutions for the planet. ChangeNOW promotes and accelerates the most innovative solutions for the planet. Our mission is to identify promising […]