BREAKING NEWS: When a modern, eco-friendly building meets a historical site…


Recently, our team had the chance to overview the site plan of our upcoming World Expo of Innovations for the planet, at the Grand Palais Ephemere! This is a huge step towards turning our daily efforts into concrete action!

Built upon Place Joffre, on the Champ de Mars, the Grand Palais Ephermere will stand upon the historical site that once welcomed the former palace of electricity during the 1900 Universal Exhibition. The Grand Palais Ephemere, through its characteristics, represents an ideal venue for the thousands of participants and exhibitors who will be there from 27 to 29 May to advance positive impact in the world and society.

This eco-designed and modular building, made with bio-sourced materials, is a sober architectural project that will serve as a temporary replacement for the Grand Palais during its refurbishment from 2021 to 2024.

We are very excited to work closely with the Grand Palais on this project and to welcome you there in May for ChangeNOW 2021. See you soon!