Driving Impact Investment: A Conversation with Axel Paugam

Driving Impact Investment: A Conversation with Axel Paugam

Ecosystem Builder and Champion of Sustainable Impact Investing: Axel Paugam's Inspiring Journey

In the world of impact investing, Axel Paugam stands tall as an ecosystem builder. As the General Delegate of Impact Business Angels and a key player in Groupe SOS’s impact investments, Axel has driven capital toward sustainable and inclusive causes.

Axel’s journey began with a clear vision. When he launched Impact Business Angels within Groupe SOS in 2021, he aimed to create a strong network dedicated to supporting impactful projects. Today, his vision has materialized into a network of over 50 individual investors committed to the cause.

ChangeNOW, the largest event of solutions for the planet, has been a significant part of Axel’s journey. The event profoundly impacted him when he first attended in 2020. 

“Those three days at the Grand Palais were a revelation,” he recalls, “I was introduced to a world of solutions, events, and discussions that truly inspired me.”

Driving Impactful Change at ChangeNOW 2022: Axel Paugam's Discovery of RESAN and Angels for Change

Fast forward to 2022, Axel’s involvement with ChangeNOW has taken on a new dimension. He was no longer just a participant but an active contributor. With the introduction of the Angels for Change program, he connected impact projects with impact financiers. “We had nearly 20 members of Impact Business Angels attend,” he notes, “It was a fulfilling experience, to say the least.”

Among the many innovative solutions he encountered at ChangeNOW 2022, one stood out – RESAN. A startup with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural industry by transforming products right at the source – the farm. 

The concept was brilliant,” Axel enthuses, “Farmers were provided with rentable mini-factories, enabling them to enhance their production without the risk.”

RESAN: A Promising Journey of Agricultural Transformation Supported by Impact Business Angels and ChangeNOW

The meeting with RESAN marked the beginning of a promising journey. After a series of discussions and negotiations, Impact Business Angels decided to invest in RESAN in early 2023. Axel sees this as a testament to the power of events like ChangeNOW in connecting investors and innovators.

RESAN’s CEO, François Henry, echoes Axel’s sentiments, 

“We are pleased to welcome investors from diverse backgrounds who share a common vision and wish to impact the agricultural world positively. Conscious of agroecological and environmental issues, they found in our company a pragmatic and operational response. They thus choose to support farmers in their diversification by transforming a part of their production.”


Axel has some advice for those planning to attend future ChangeNOW summits: 

  • “Know the program in advance, target the events that interest you the most, and use the appointment scheduling platform wisely.” 
  • Above all, he emphasizes the importance of clarity about what you want to achieve from the event.


Reflecting on his journey, Axel considers his participation in ChangeNOW both professionally and personally rewarding. 

“ChangeNOW is the perfect opportunity to draw inspiration and energy from other actors in the ecosystem,” he reflects. But the journey is far from over. Despite the challenges of impact financing, Axel is optimistic about the future and looks forward to furthering his mission through upcoming ChangeNOW events.