15 Minutes with Juan Alvarez de Lara, Founder & CEO, Solvere Capital


Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to sit down with Juan Alvarez de Lara, Founder and CEO of Solvere Capital, and also the Chairman of EBAN, European Business Angels Network. EBAN plays a crucial role in Europe's impact investing landscape.

Juan’s connection with ChangeNOW began over two years ago, at ChangeNOW 2021, drawn by the event’s potential to drive meaningful change. 

In our conversation, Juan shared his experience at ChangeNOW 2023, emphasizing its role as a platform where investors not only can discover sustainable solutions but also gather inspiration from actors across sectors and regions in sustainability, shaping the future of our planet. As well, as the perfect place to meet and gather sustainable investors.

"It always shakes our minds and hearts, seeing the many different solutions being developed to address the big problems facing our planet."

Juan Alvarez de Lara, Solvere Capital

Investing in Impact: Juan's ChangeNOW Experience

For Juan, ChangeNOW has been an extraordinary journey of discovery and meaningful connection. It’s where he exchanges ideas, gathers energy and motivation, and meets with the pioneers shaping our future. 

His roles have varied from speaking at panels to being a judge in pitch sessions, showing just how much investors can get involved and really make a difference.

As he explores the event each year, Juan discovers a variety of innovative solutions from different industries. This consistent experience has shown him how well ChangeNOW brings together a wide range of sectors and global ideas.

It’s a place where investors like him find a world of new ideas and chances to work together, leading to investments that can change industries and have a global impact.

Juan put it best when he said, “ChangeNOW offers the possibility to have a 360-degree view of different sectors, industries, technologies, business models and so on.” 

ChangeNOW is where investors go not just to make connections, but to dive deep into a pool of knowledge and innovation. It’s where they can grow their impact and find new directions for their investments.

With its unique platform for networking, discovering groundbreaking solutions, and finding investment opportunities, it’s an opportunity for anyone ready to invest in the future.

Here, you can meet other impact investors, connect with pioneering entrepreneurs, and get involved in a variety of sectors. If you’re looking to grow your portfolio or find fresh inspiration, ChangeNOW is the place to be.

Join our esteemed speaker as they delve into the transformative world of sustainable finance. Discover insights, strategies, and inspiration for investing with purpose and making a positive impact

A Shared Mission: ChangeNOW and AEBAN's Vision for Impact

Juan reflected, “We thought ChangeNOW was a great opportunity for EBAN to join forces and bring our knowledge and experience to this amazing event.” 

At the core of EBAN’s mission and ours is that investing in impactful solutions is key to addressing the world’s pressing challenges.

As Juan Alvarez de Lara states, “The best way to help these solutions achieve their goals is to invest because sometimes they are struggling with the capital.” 

ChangeNOW, with its global platform and diverse range of innovative solutions, presents a unique opportunity to turn ideas into action. 

“Our main goal is to spread the movement of impact investing in Europe, sharing the knowledge and experience and trying to identify great successful stories just to highlight and be a kind of lighthouse for others.”

Juan Alvarez de Lara, Solvere Capital

Together we’re on a mission to accelerate solutions for sustainable investments and impactful change.

Advice for Upcoming ChangeNOW Participants


ChangeNOW 2024 is just around the corner and Juan Alvarez de Lara has some advice for those attending. He emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in ChangeNOW’s networking and collaboration opportunities, highlighting its role as a global platform for connecting and innovating, making it an ideal hub for investors looking for diverse opportunities.

Join us!

ChangeNOW 2024 is an opportunity for those looking to invest with purpose. It’s a place where investors can find and fuel the solutions that will define our future. Juan’s journey showcases just how influential and involved you can be in this vibrant ecosystem.

Ready to be part of this transformative experience? Join us at ChangeNOW 2024, where you can shape the future through impactful investments and innovative solutions. Just like Juan, you can play a crucial role in this global movement for change

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