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Tackle the ecological transition

Create a more sustainable diverse and inclusive society

Create a new era for sustainable sport event practices

With the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games right around the corner, ChangeNOW and Paris 2024 are committing, together, to the transformation of the sport industry. This collaboration, launched during ChangeNOW’s 2022 Summit, takes the shape of special events, calls for solutions and the creation of an ecosystem regrouping the most impactful initiatives, projects, representatives, speakers, experts, sport organizations, and athletes.

What is at stake?

How is the sport tackling climate change?
How can sports events provide scalable solutions?
How are athletes and sports leaders using their voices for a positive impact?

SPORT FOR CHANGE wishes to leverage on the momentum of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in France to tackle how the sport industry is leading the ecological transition. Whether it be in the amateur or professional field, everyone can become an actor for change and create a new era for sustainable event practices.

Sport for Change’s Leaders

Major worldwide sports leaders sharing their vision of sustainable sport events.

Viviane Fraisse (Head of sustainability at French Tennis Federation Roland-Garros), Pierre Rabadan (Deputy Mayor of Paris at Ville de Paris) share their approache to reduce their climate and environmental impact.

“We would like to accelerate the public policy to make
the necessary transformation. We have to create new morals and events.”

Pierre Rabadan

Tony Estanguet, President Paris 2024 share a new vision for Paris Olympic games

Tony Estanguet (President of Paris 2024) announced at ChangeNOW 2022 the vision for 2024 Paris Olympic & Paralympic Games: reducing 50% of carbon emissions during the Games.

“We all know that whenever an athlete is presenting an idea, showing a best practice, it has a massive impact.”

Tony Estanguet

Athletes championing the transition at ChangeNOW Summit 2022

Athletes who work for positive impact through sport.

“Since I was a kid, I wanted to be part of the change.
I didn’t know how and when. My life changed when I found my sport: freediving.”

Alice Modolo

ChangeMakers stories

Solutions for a sustainable sport industry

ChangeNOW works hand in hand with major sports institutions, such as the Olympic Committee for the 2024 Games in Paris, to propose new solutions to decarbonize sports. Sport for Change organizes year-round events to drive more interaction between innovative solutions and the sport industry to accelerate the change of mindsets of sports leaders and practices in the sport industry.

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ChangeNOW is the world’s largest gathering of innovations for the planet. Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face the World’s biggest challenges. ChangeNOW 2022 more info
  • May 19, 20, 21
  • Paris (& online)
  • Grand Palais Ephemere & Eiffel Tower



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