Biodiversity Breakdown: Towards a New Covenant with Life?

Human activities are driving the 6th mass extinction, eroding biodiversity at an alarming rate, 100 to 1 000 times faster than the natural processes. This erosion of ecosystems and their services, such as pollination, not only jeopardizes global food security but also paves the way for the emergence of new diseases. Each species lost represents a critical tipping point, underscoring the urgent need for swift and collective action to safeguard life on our planet.

  • 75% of animal species are predicted to disappear in the next few centuries if we don’t take action, according to the IPBES.
  • 80% of food crops depend on pollination


Did you know? Biodiversity contributes to medical breakthroughs, with more than 60% of cancer drugs originating from natural sources.

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