Setting the Bar High: Shifting the Sports Industry

Key Insights from ChangeNOW 2024 on Sports This July, as Paris prepares to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, sports enthusiasts are focusing on the City of Light. Despite its vast influence, the sports industry lags in the social and ecological transition. Ultra-trailer Kilian Jornet, holder of multiple world records and world champion titles, stated: […]

Restoring Our Roots: Soil Preservation and Regeneration

Alain-Richard Donwahi and Sandrine Sommer at the Life Beneath: the Power of Soil conference at ChangeNOW 2024

KEY INSIGHTS FROM CHANGENOW 2024 ON SUSTAINABLE SOIL MANAGEMENT FOR A RESILIENT FUTURE Agriculture today is often presented as the biggest problem for climate change: it is the first contributor to water usage, deforestation and biodiversity loss, and intensive farming practices have damaged soils to the point that one third of the world’s arable land […]

Amplifions nos engagements sociaux et environnementaux respectifs - Alexandre Mars

Aujourd'hui, nous, B Lab & ChangeNOW, souhaitons vous inviter à rejoindre nos écosystèmes. Entreprises, que vous soyez engagées, en transition, en questionnement, motivées, en manque d'outils ou de réseaux : vous n'êtes pas seules. Rejoignez-nous dans la construction d'une économie régénératrice et inclusive qui fonctionne pour tous.