This is the story of a startup that in 6 years
set up the world's largest gathering
of solutions for the planet.

This is story of an idea. This idea that a new generation of entrepreneurs, citizens, artists, etc… would find ways to respond to the major environmental and social challenges of the century.

Important goals and ambitions were set in 2015 to address them: SDGs, the Paris agreement, etc… yet lacked a roadmap.
Concrete solutions led by inspiring and driven individuals started emerging, yet remained isolated, unknown, and struggled to scale.
The impact ecosystem slowly emerged, yet needed support to grow and accelerate the adoption of new standards.

Joining forces was an imperative.
This is how the ChangeNOW Summit was born: bringing together the World’s most innovative minds and sustainability leaders invested in the deployment of solutions for the planet to make progress and help these ideas spread across industries and geographies.
Carried by a visionary, humanistic and action-oriented spirit, the ChangeNOW adventure started in 2017 in Paris, federating and creating opportunities for thousands of key actors of change ever since.

"Very impressive to see what a set of passionate people can do. I have the feeling that it is only the start." Maïa

"I went to the ChangeNOW Summit to do networking and participate in some presentations of people making awesome work to the world. I came out with so much more. I saw a boiling pot of ideas and people with an energy that is very contagious. This is such an exciting moment in time!" Pablo Araya Kroff - R&D, SUEZ



Constitution of a first community of partners and changemakers, and design of the codes and dynamics of the ChangeNOW Summit.


1st edition of the ChangeNOW summit, in Paris, Station F – first major event in Station F, the largest startup campus in the world. 2000 participants, 250 solutions, 47 countries. Objective: to take the impact topics to one of the world’s leading innovation centers and bring together the first global community of changemakers.


2nd edition of the ChangeNOW summit, in Paris, Station F. 6000 participants, 500 solutions, 87 countries. Objective: to amplify the movement and create the largest positive impact conference in the world


1st edition of ChangeNOW myjob, the first job fair dedicated to impact companies, in Paris. 2500 participants, 300 job offers in impact companies.


3rd edition of the ChangeNOW summit, in Paris, at the Grand Palais, to create the first universal exhibition of innovations for the planet.

28,000 participants, 1,000 solutions, 100+ countries.

Objective: to show the world the strength of the impact movement and to inscribe this movement in the footsteps of History.

150 years ago, the world was experiencing the Industrial Revolution. In order to accompany this revolution, world exhibitions were invented. Showcases of progress at the time, they highlighted the state of the art of world industry, to inspire the greatest number and bring together players in sectors undergoing transformation.

Today, we are living a new revolution, which is both ecological and social. To accelerate this transition, ChangeNOW has chosen one of the emblematic places of the industrial revolution of 1900, the Grand Palais, to organize the first Universal Exhibition of Innovations for the Planet.


Strategic alliance with the media group Les Echos – Le Parisien, to amplify ChangeNOW’s actions and impact.The group Les Echos – Le Parisien takes shares in the company ChangeNOW.


Serie of digital live talks and live pitches to bring financial support and visibility to the impact players during the covid crisis. Learn more


Onboarding seminars for several grandes écoles, to raise awareness and train students in impact topics. Partnerships with the French Ministry and global networks, to source solutions on targeted topics.



4th edition of the ChangeNOW summit, in a new online format, to host the largest gathering of solutions for the planet! 

Objectives:  unleashing the power of digital connection for 3 days of global collaboration for the planet.

An innovative platform to discover the most promising solutions and leaders of change, and interact with  key players of impact. 

An Film festival and art exhibitions to promote a culture of change

Launch of the 1st Women for Change edition during ChangeNOW Summit.

It is an international platform to give more visibility and amplify the actions of women who rethink standards and act for a positive change in the world. Learn more


The first-ever ranking of French schools & universities that aim to change the world

ChangeNOW & Les Echos Media Group teamed up to create the first-ever ranking of schools & universities that aim to change the world.  We evaluated their ability to bridge the gap between generation Z’s growing need for purpose and the solutions these universities propose to address climate issues in their educational programs. Learn more.

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