Respect for the environment, waste reduction and social inclusion are cornerstones of the ChangeNOW organisation. We are constantly testing new solutions and making the summit a laboratory for experimenting with responsible events.

Circular economy

We reduce the impact of materials and products by acting on their entire life cycle: use of eco-designed furniture and materials, recycling, composting, reuse of materials. We limit the sources of waste as much as possible.


Zero plastic bottles, no goodies, no kakemonos, no plastic badges, no carpeting on the stands.


Innovative sorting system, composting of food waste, recycling of cigarette butts, awareness-raising and educational activities on sorting.


Innovative alternatives: mineral paper, furniture made of recycled plastic waste, returnable packaging.


Second life found for scenography materials, transformation of tarpaulins into bean bags.

Thank you to our partners who are supporting us in this process: InovaYa, LysPackaging, Paper on the rocks, CITEO, Moulinot, LichN, Eco-Mégot, Cypao, Reconcil, Co-recycling, La Tête dans les Nuages, Ephémère Square, Fugu, Maximum, Le Pavé, CirculR.

Responsible food ​

All caterers are committed to using organic (or equivalent), local and seasonal products, offering vegetarian menus, and to not offer recipes containing beef, lamb, salmon or shrimps.

Thank you to our committed caterers and restaurateurs: Terre de café, Refugee Food Festival, Le Recho, Les Empotés, Happyvore, Social Bar, Les marmites volantes, Fleur de Mets, Eat is Family, Baluchon



All sessions broadcast on the digital platform are accessible with subtitles in several languages. An instant subtitle translation system is available on smartphones.


We offer solidarity passes to facilitate access to those that are disadvantaged. We collaborate with restaurateurs who work for the integration of refugees or disadvantaged people


Workshops and awareness-raising activities are offered throughout the day on Saturday for children.

Thanks to our food court partners as well as Jash Partners, La Fée Morgan, Pandacraft, Kutikuti and Water Family.

Low-carbon commitments

In order to limit the carbon footprint of travel, we are organizing a few speakers' interventions digitally, and are setting up bike terminals and carpooling systems. We measure the carbon footprint of the event and set up climate contribution actions towards a project to protect the Amazonian forest. We also propose to participants to contribute to this project. In 2022, ChangeNOW aims to obtain the Eco-committed Event level 3 certification (maximum level).

Thanks to our low-carbon partners: ClimateSeed, REEVE, Repurpose , Cyclope, Taximatch

And you?

Join the movement and meet the ClimateSeed teams present at the ChangeNOW Summit 2022. You can measure your own carbon footprint and make commitments to improve it... Then go to ZDey's artwork at the entrance of the Summit to turn these commitments into a collective work of art!