Respect for the environment, waste reduction and social inclusion are cornerstones of the Changenow organisation.
We are constantly testing new solutions and making the summit a laboratory for experimenting with responsible events.

Circular economy


Zero plastic bottles, no goodies, no kakemonos, no plastic badges, no carpeting on the stands.


Innovative alternatives: furniture made of recycled plastic waste, returnable packaging.


Second life found for scenography materials, transformation of tarpaulins into bean bags.


Innovative sorting system, composting of food waste, recycling of cigarette butts, awareness-raising and educational activities on sorting.




Responsible food ​

All caterers are committed to using organic (or equivalent), local and seasonal products

Caterers must offer at least one vegetarian menus option. All the other menus should not offer recipes containing Beef, lamb, salmon or shrimps.

All unsold food is recovered and distributed to dedicated channels.



All sessions broadcasted on the digital platform are accessible with subtitles in several languages. An instant subtitle translation system is available on smartphones.


We offer solidarity passes to facilitate access to those that are disadvantaged. We collaborate with restaurateurs who work for the integration of refugees or disadvantaged people.


A childcare area, workshops and awareness-raising activities are offered throughout the day on Saturday for children.


A central location in Paris

the Grand Palais Ephémère - easily accessible by public transport

A temporary bicycle parking area

to encourage this mode of transport.

A solution of carpooling

was set up

Digital participation

of some international speakers in order to limit the carbon footprint of their travel


Since 2020, we have been measuring the carbon footprint of the event while implementing an annual strategy to avoid and reduce emissions in all areas.

For the unavoidable emissions generated we set up climate contribution actions.

We also propose to participants to contribute to this project. In 2022, we initiated the eco-committed event audit and certification to go deeper in partnership with ClimateSeed.

to go further

Sustainable events

Replay ChangeNOW 2022

How can we create an event that is in line with the values of our time?

With : Rose-May Lucotte, ChangeNOW // Dominique Béhar, Réseau éco événement – REEVE Sebastien Nunes, Climate Seed // Séverine Larrouy, JASH Partenaire // Stéphan Martinez, Moulinot

Pioneering sustainable events

Blog post

ChangeNOW is recognized worldwide for its pioneering work in the field of sustainable events.

Sustainability Report

ChangeNow Summit 2022

Our main sustainable commitments in 2022