your stakeholders

Unite and inspire your stakeholders all around the world ! Take advantage of the ChangeNOW Summit to engage your customers and employees in positive impact


We offer different options to bring together and inspire your stakeholders

Learning Expeditions

Organize personalized Learning Expeditions according to your challenges for your COMEX or your clients in order to discover the top innovations and to access exclusive meetings with innovators and inspiring speakers.

Guided Tours

Organize personalized co-animated Guided Tours to offer unifying team building time for your employees while raising their awareness of environmental and societal issues.

Group Tickets

Purchase Group Tickets to invite your employees, customers and partners to the highest point of impact for a collective moment of inspiration.


More details

We propose various packages tailor-made to your needs


Learning Expeditions

Private room led by an expert guide (possibility of co-animation with you)

Thematic & relevant presentation of the World Expo for your audience

Discussion time with 3 solutions or speakers selected in advance for the participants

Wrap-up the Learning Expedition with a discussion time between participants

Duration 1h30. 10 people maximum

Guided Tours

Private room led by an expert guide (possibility of co-animation with you)

Thematic & tailor-made presentation of the World Expos

Highlights of relevant solutions for your audience and meeting with 2 solutions

Possibility to end the guided tour by a speaking moment

Duration 1h30. Unilimited audience. Microphone closed but possibility of interactions

Group tickets

Have your team, employees, customers and partners get a deep dive into a world of change !

Offer a collective moment of inspiration and strengthen ties with your stakeholders

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