Celebrating women who change the world!

We aim to celebrate and support women who act every day with audacity and passion to drive change.

With the year-round Women for Change program, we bring our support to visionary women, who challenge the established order by proposing new resilient models. They are ambassadors for concrete solutions and are a source of inspiration for everyone.

We believe gender equality is fundamental to building a sustainable and inclusive world.




International campaign

25 Women who will shape the Decade  The big return: discover the second edition of this campaign, after the success of the 2021 edition! We will keep you informed of the details but stay tuned as there may be some very nice surprises in store!


Paris & online

International event “Women for Change” – ChangeNOW summit 

The must-attend event of the initiative that will showcase the most inspiring and outstanding women & men of our Women for Change community.





2nd edition of Women For Change 

The launch of the 2nd edition of Women for Change took place online in December 2021.

It was a good opportunity for us to address a topic that is close to our hearts and more relevant than ever: “Women on the frontline of crises”.

We have answered the questions: why are women the first victims of crises but also the first on the front line to find solutions to them?

We were thrilled to organize this important conversation with our supporting partners: Cartier Women Initiative, UN Women, He for She, One Young World, Women in Tech, UNHCR.



Women For Change @ ChangeNOW Summit 

The official international launch of Women for Change took place at our International Summit last May, during a dedicated session where we were honoured to welcome personalities such as Shabana Basij-Rasikh, Lavina Sequera, Yumiko Murakami and Silvia Earle.

If you missed the session, here is the link to access it:


Paris & online

15 Women who will change the Decade

We have launched an international campaign in March 2021 to create excitement about 15 profiles of women who, we believe, will shape the next decade.

Among them Clover Hogan, Nemonte Nenquimo, Pornthida Wongphatharakul, Kate Raworth, Daniela Fernandez… 

Take a look at these 15 incredible personalities who are an absolute must-see :

Our partners

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Relive now the 2nd edition of Women for Change!