Finance the change

A tailored program for purpose-driven investors​

Our “Finance the Change & Change the Finance” track was built to accompany those who are innovating  and investing for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Our goal is to drive increasingly more capital in the impact ecosystem by connecting leading innovators for change with investors, providing a platform to support the world’s leading impact investors, showcasing best practices and tools for finance professionals and helping angel investors and citizens better understand how to mobilize capital for a more sustainable world.


the best purpose-driven entrepreneurs tackling our planet's most pressing issues.


with like-minded investors and LPs at our many networking events.


better the positive impact ecosystem and its specificities.


best practices in investing for purpose and return.


The world's rendez-vous of investors for positive change

From early stage to growth and private equity funds, impact angels, family offices, corporate and large institutional investors, everyone has a good reason to come to ChangeNOW.

19 – 20 – 21 MAY 2022



Do you want to take an active role in the summit, meet fundraising solutions for the planet and be recognized as a leading impact-driven investor?

Participate on the jury of a thematic pitch session.


A tailored program for
investors : guided tour, workshop and networking time!

Friday, May 20
3pm – 5:45pm CET


Investors are essential to our ecosystem, and that is why ChangeNOW has built special content for you.

Purchase an Investor ticket and enjoy the best of ChangeNOW for investors.


The international impact GP/LP gathering

Thursday, May 19 – 9:30am CET / 1:30pm CET


“Driving more capital toward
the impact ecosystem”
with inspirational finance

Top international impact funds pitch

Short presentations from a selection of
purpose-driven General Partners tackling
our planet’s most pressing issues, followed by a Q&A session.

Networking Cocktail

Meet like-minded GPs and LPs
looking at making impact investing
the next standard for all activities of private markets.



in partnership with

Investor relations networking

Dealflow opportunities

Portfolio opportunities


Investor Partners
Become an Official Investor Partner

At ChangeNOW, we gather leaders of change within the finance industry in order to collaboratively pave the way to new standards of investment. We partner with investors that are fundamentally improving systems and are catalysts to driving significant, long-term positive change.

Session on stage

Take part in a session on stage or in a workshop dedicated to the investment ecosytem among 50,000+ attendees

Reverse Pitch session

Present your fund at a Reverse Pitch session in front of a large audience of LPs, entrepreneurs and media


Your own event

Book a private room for your own event within ChangeNOW to gather your own community

All-year-long dealflow opportunities

Get priority access to international impact dealflow opportunities all-year-long


Get premium branding visibility

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ChangeNOW is the world’s largest gathering of innovations for the planet. Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face the World’s biggest challenges. ChangeNOW 2022 more info
  • May 19, 20, 21
  • Paris (& online)
  • Grand Palais Ephemere & Eiffel Tower

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