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Top priorities for systemic change

Earth Action Report: Top priorities for systemic change

ChangeNOW & KPMG worked together to create the first report and practical guide for systemic change. This report is more than an analysis, it is a call to action. It seeks to break down silos, encouraging leaders to adopt a systemic perspective that appreciates the interconnectedness of our challenges. With this report, business and institutional leaders can grasp within minutes the holistic context of our environmental and social imperatives, identify the key priorities for 2024 and receive practical recommendations.

Learn about the top 5 areas where efforts should be made in 2024 and the systemic issues that were hindering the scaling-up of the ecological and social transition. Alongside the priorities, discover the gaps that need bridging for each of them, and propose out-of-the-box- solutions.

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"It is our task to enable the future, not to foresee it”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry


  • Explore actionable solutions and strategies vital for tackling the environmental and societal challenges we are collectively facing and spark discussion and action.
  • Embrace a forward-looking, multi-year perspective that allows to chart the evolution of these changes over time and craft an impactful roadmap.
  • Cultivate a message of hope and empower business leaders, policymakers, organizaions, and individuals to drive prositive change.


Over 100 contributors, C-Levels and Sustainability Leaders, part of the ChangeNOW community, coming from 20 different countries and diverse backgrounds. Both qualitative and quantitative interviews were conducted.

“In today’s discourse, we have in mind that in the next few decades everything will be flooded and we will all die. This fear of the future contributes to demotivating young. […] We need to imagine a bright, positive future.”

Azadeh Farajpour, Founder of betterSoil for a better world


The Earth Action Report offers a detailed analysis of the pressing challenges confronting us and our planet in 2024, outlining key priorities and providing actionable solutions.

Out of the 11 priorities listed, Biodiversity Protection is ranked at the top priority. Together with Energy transition, those two crucial challenges gather almost half of the responses collected (43%). Moreover, the top 5 priorities cover 74% of the answers given by our experts.

The initial section of our study dives into the critical environmental and social issues as identified by our contributors. From a comprehensive list of major challenges, they have prioritized them in the following order

The ‘Earth Action Report’ offers a detailed analysis of the pressing challenges confronting us and our planet in 2024, outlining key priorities and providing actionable solutions.

How mature are we in addressing the main priorities mentioned above. This graph aims to identify the gaps that need bridging for each of them.

Systemic and Interconnected Challenges to focus on for transformative change

“As business people, we do not know how to run and operate a business that sells fewer washing machines. But we also have to understand that it has to happen.”


“I dream of adding to the purely financial «ROI» (return on investment) a «return on impact» meaning and find a way to connect both of them.”

SANDRINE SOMMER, Chief Sustainability Officer of Moët Hennessy