“Coups de Cœur” From Our Jury: The ChangeNOW 2024 Official Selection

If ChangeNOW is known for its exhibition of positive impact start-ups, the summit also provides other opportunities for them to shine. One of them is the pitches, for which some of the most promising solutions selected by our team take the stage to convince investors to support them.


The ChangeNOW team has selected the pitching solutions according to their ability to:

  • have a positive impact (by addressing one or more of the UN’s SDGs, having clear impact KPI’s)
  • demonstrate the potential to be scaled or replicated
  • creatively rethink standards
  • have a viable business model

They also had to be raising funds at the time of the summit.


Over the 3 days of ChangeNOW 2024, 170 pitchers presented their solutions across 17 different themes on the Garden Stage. These pitches were judged by a panel of 115 professionals, including investors, business leaders, media representatives, and experts in various fields. After 20 pitch sessions, the event culminated in the Pitches’ finale, presented by ChangeNOW Co-Founder Rose-May Lucotte and Springwise CEO James Bidwell. During this final session, 12 projects were revealed as the jury’s “Coups de Cœur”.


“It is a true concentrate of what ChangeNOW is: inspiring solutions tackling the most urgent issues of our century, carried by brilliant people.” Rose-May Lucotte, Co-Founder of ChangeNOW.


Whether then or now, we celebrate their achievements, innovative minds, and look forward to the impact they will have on our world!

Discover this year’s "Coups de Cœur":

Hydraloop (Ocean & Water)

Hydraloop is changing the game in water management with smart recycling solutions that can cut tap water use by 25% to 45%. Their IoT-connected systems help buildings achieve green certifications like LEED and BREEAM, making water conservation easy and efficient for homes and businesses.

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FEVE (Food & Agriculture)

FEVE enables people to invest in agricultural land responsibly and tax-free, supporting sustainable farming and the renewal of French agriculture. Their platform promotes eco-friendly agricultural practices and helps support the future of farming in France.

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HealthSetGo (Health)

HealthSetGo’s mission is to turn every school into a health-promoting environment, ensuring that every child grows up healthy. They integrate health assessments, education and resources into schools to address child health comprehensively.

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Wildya (Education)

Wildya helps transform eco-anxiety into positive action through mental fitness coaching using the power of nature. Their approach promotes mental well-being and proactive environmental action.

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Wayout (Circular Economy)

Wayout tackles marine pollution by addressing infrastructure issues. Their first product, Zigofiltre, is a metallic cage that filters waste at sewer entry points, preventing it from reaching the oceans and significantly reducing marine pollution.

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Project Didi (Changing Habits)

Project Didi uses technology to support peace processes. They apply machine learning, big data, and AI to provide real-time conflict analysis and advice, simplifying governments and organizations’ path to peace.

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United Repair Centre (Fashion)

United Repair Centre is revolutionizing clothing repair with advanced technology that improves efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. Their platform connects brands with repair services, offering real-time tracking and quality control to extend the life of garments.

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VoltR (Energy)

VoltR focuses on refurbishing batteries in France for professional use, promoting energy sustainability and local production. Their circular economy approach gives a second-life to batteries and supports a greener energy landscape.

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Artenglück (Biodiversity)

Artenglück creates nature conservation activities like flowering meadows, reforestation, and bird protection around company locations. Their work supports biodiversity and brings environmental efforts directly to businesses’ doorsteps.

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Geoidentity (Inclusion)

Geoidentity is creating a universal system for study validation with an academic passport, ensuring that education and identity are resilient and accessible for everyone. This system helps preserve individuals’ educational records and credentials worldwide, even when displaced.

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SYSTEM 3E (Cities)

SYSTEM 3E offers a unique construction technology that uses energy-saving, ecological materials. Their sustainable, self-insulating wall system is the first of its kind, promoting eco-friendly building practices.

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Faircado (Tech for Change)

Faircado makes it easy to find the best pre-owned products online, offering a sustainable shopping option that saves money and benefits the planet. Their platform helps users discover high-quality, second-hand items quickly and easily.

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These 12 innovative solutions are the cutting edge of sustainable development and positive change. We’re very proud to see them in our jury’s 2024 official selection of “Coups de Cœur”, highlighting their hard work and dedication.

If you’re a solution looking to take part in ChangeNOW as a pitcher, exhibitor or workshop-holder!

Discover ChangeNOW 2024 official selection of impact solutions!

Thank you to all our jury members:

AKPOTSU-NARTEY Peter, Investment Director, Impact Newcomer, IMPACT Partners

ALTAMIRANO DE JONG Monica A., Director, Climate Impact, WaterEquity

AR CHIMOT Sevinç, Head of Cleantech, Choose Paris Region

ASMINA Shemine, Head of Venture Capital, Europe & Latam, BNP Paribas Cardif

BADER Leon, Investor, 4P Capital

BAKER Vera, Venture Capitalist, Atomico Angel

BAJAS Thomas, Principal, Founders Future

BELAOUANE Manal, Investment Manager, HV Capital

BERENGER Emmanuelle, Forest Lead, Rainforest Alliance

BIAU Alexandre, Investment Director, Supernova Invest

BLEFARI Christophe, Data & Software Engineer

BOURY Guillaume, Investor, Telos Impact

BOUTBOUL Irwin, Founder, Startups for Sustainable Development, Google

BRESOUS MEHIGAN Nadja, Partner, XAnge

BRUNO Thomas, Project Manager, Cleantech Open France

CAHN Arje, Business Angel and product strategist, Verdant Labs / Shamrock Ventures

CHANÉAC Marion, Partner, Alter Equity


CHEN Kevin, Consulting Director, Circul'R

CHOW Nicolas, Principal, Raise Ventures

COUSTY Clarisse, Senior Private Equity Analyst, Kimpa

CSANYI Edina, Senior Social Officer, EIB Institute

DALIBOT Jérémie, Business Creation Manager, EIT Manufacturing

DAMDAM Asrar, CEO, Uvera

DE BEAUMONT Stéphanie, Directrice générale déléguée, Phitrust 

DE CARPENTIER Félix, VP Sustainability, CMA CGM

DE LEERSNYDER Agnès, CEO, Future4care

DE PANAFIEU Laetitia, Principal, Astanor Ventures

DELADERRIERE Lou, Sustainability Manager, Moët Hennessy

DEMBELE Mamadou, Investor & Content Creator, AFI Ventures / The Impact Story

DERM Fabrice, Co-Founder, The Rocket Foundation

DERON Pierre, Executive Director, Cleantech Open France

DESCAMPS Cécile, French and European Patent Attorney, Plasseraud IP

DUBOIS Aurélie, General Delegate, Respect Ocean

DU PAYRAT Philippe, Social entrepreneur launching the 4 day-week in France, 4jours.work / MaVoie.org

FAURE Guerric, CEO, Fire research, Zotherworld

FERRISI Michaël, CEO & Founder, Ecolosport

FEUNTEUN Eric, VP, Software République Operations, Renault Group

FILLET GERALDINE, Associate, Educapital

FOURAULT Charles, Partner, AFI Ventures / The Impact Story

FRÉVILLE Marie, Sustainability & Private Equity, Kimpa

FRY Sammy, Head of Climate, Tech Nation

GETTEN Maxime, Investment Director, LITA


GOUDOT Mathieu, Senior Partner, Demeter Partners / Circular Innovation Fund

GOULAY Christine, Founder and CEO, Sustainabelle Advisory Services

GRÖBER Tobias, Head of ISPO Group, ISPO

GROENVELD Wiegertje, Board Member & Investor, The Angel Initiative

HAUER Stefanie, Partner, NatureRe Capital AG

HEUZÉ Nicolas, CEO, Sweetch Energy

HUE Baudouin, General Partner, Karista Fund V

HURET Camille, Co-Founder, Beyond Finance

HUET Nadine, Associate, Kleiner Perkins

IPREX Quentin, Industrial VC, Bpifrance

JEANROY Pauline, Head of Appelation and Origin Departement, Plasseraud IP

JÉRUSALMY Samantha, Partner, Elaia

KAISER Florent, CEO, Accion Andina / Global Forest Generation

KAINZ Stefan, Investment Director Impact, C.E.L.L. INVESTMENT

KENAN Galitt, Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institute France

KERLOC’H Gaëtan, Head of Impact, Five Seasons Ventures

KHARRAT Basma, VP External Venturing, Saint-Gobain

LAURENT Xavier, Group Program Director, Manutan

LEBEL Caroline, Investment director, Bpifrance

LECLOQ Claire, Open Innovation – Operations, LVMH

LE GUEN Mélanie, Investment Director, SWEN Capital Partners

LESAGE Clara, Analyst Impact, Alter Equity

LOPEZ Eneric, AI National initiatives & Social Impact Director, Microsoft

LO PIPARO Luigi, Partner, Technopolis Group / Matchmaking Coordinator, EC Smart Cities Marketplace

LOUMES Laurence, European & French Patent Attorney, Plasseraud IP

LOUSTAU Manon, CEO, Libu

MALKWITZ Kai, Founder & Member of the board, Initiative Regenerative Marktwirtschaft

MAMOU-MANI Judith-Laure, Investment Director, Mirova

MENANT Maude, Marketing manager, Startups for Sustainable Development, Google

MEIER Susie, Principal, HV Capital

MONNIN Laurent, Senior Investment Director, Bpifrance

MONTANGE Etienne, VC Senior Associate, Bpifrance

MORIN Nicolas, Former advisor, French Minister for Energy Transition

NAHON Samuel, Founder, Terroirs d’Avenir

O’DONNELL Heike, Managing Director, CK Consulting

PAGET Fabien, CEO, 17 SPORT / Sport Positive Fund

PENOUTY Aude, Founder & Creative director, ENTADA TEXTILE

PERTHUISOT Christophe, Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Moët Hennessy 

PHUNG Linda, Sustainable Fashion Consultant, Studio Linda Mai Phung

PIEDNOIR Marie-Laure, Global Sustainability & Impact Director, Salomon

POLINE Christophe, Sustainable Investments Director, Schneider Electric – Impact Investing

PRETZELL Diana, First Deputy Mayor, Mannheim

REY Nathalie, Head of Open Innovation Hub, Renault Group

RIBADEAU DUMAS Brune, Investment Director, Kimpa

RIZZO Florence, Co-founder, Ecolhuma

RUSSELL Kelsey, Media Literacy Creator, KELSCRUSS LLC

SACRE Wassim, President, Odin Partners

SAFFROY Frédéric, Projects Director – Communication and User Innovation Direction, JCDecaux

SAID Rémi, General Partner, Partech

SCHMIDTGALL Pierre, Chief Investment Officer, LITA

SENCIUC Miruna, Chief Sustainability Officer, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

SISSERIAN Chris, Head of Platform, Manta Ray Ventures

SNOECK Sandy, Host, moderator & keynote speaker

SOMMER Sandrine, Sustainability Chief Officer, Moët Hennessy

STEPHENS Jessica, Director of Business Development, Persistent Energy / Africa Climate Venture Building Fund

SZENDRODI Edith, Business Program Manager, Microsoft

TABONI Sylvain, Impact Investment Director, BNP Paribas

TOUCHARD LE DRIAN Aglaé, Managing Partner, Co-Head Impact, RAISE Impact

TRAN Olivier, Founder & CEO, Biscornu

VAN DEN BOSCH Jeroen, CCO & Director Unknown Solutions, Unknown Group

VAN MIDDELEM Elise, Founder & CEO, SUGi

VINÇON LEITE Joana, Investor, Bpifrance

VIRAPIN Anthony, Worldwide Leader, Microsoft Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact

VITEK Petr, General Partner, Tilia Impact Ventures II

VYNCKE Anneleen, Digital Transformation Project Lead, UCB

WASSERMAN Helena, CEO & Founder, Unstoppable

WATTS Helen, Executive Director, Student Energy

WONG Douglas, Mentor & Impact Investor, Blackfire / Augmented Robotics

YEH SHAWAY, Founder, yehyehyeh