ChangeNOW launches its first impact report


Dear ChangeNOW Community and beyond,

As we reflect on six years of remarkable journey, it’s with great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility that I introduce our inaugural Impact Report. In this ever-evolving landscape, our commitment to collecting, communicating, and sharing impactful actions has never been more crucial.

ChangeNOW has been witness and participant in the profound global shifts over the past six years. Now, it is our duty to articulate how we operate at the heart of this transformation. Hence, the inception of our annual Impact Report, a tradition we aim to uphold each year.

In our early days, when we started it with Rose-May Lucotte and Kevin Tayebaly, ChangeNOW’s primary mission was to identify the most promising solutions and mobilize resources and funding around them. Today, while we continue to deliver on this crucial mission, our impact transcends our initial objectives and it is this path of doing more that we aspire to tread in the years to come.

When we speak of doing “more,” it encompasses a spectrum of actions. We support transformations within large corporations, assist investors in fundraising endeavors, influence legislative changes, shape the trajectory of higher education, and alter individual life courses. Most importantly, our impact lies in uniting and engaging a multitude in a vision of a world that inspires hope—a vision we tirelessly work to bring to life.

This inaugural edition of our Impact Report aims to illuminate and showcase the unwavering commitment exhibited by the entire ChangeNOW team. It is a testament to the collective dedication that propels us forward.
Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.

Warm regards,

Santiago Lefebvre, Co-founder & CEO of ChangeNOW