Artists are inspiring changemakers, they have the ability to translate emotions and spread the beauty and the urge for change, better than anyone. Every year, ChangeNOW invites up-and-coming international artists to exhibit at the summit, accelerate the transition in the arts and provide a new medium for positive change.

An ambitious Cultural and Artistic Program

  • A multi-disciplinary online art exhibition
  • A conference programme about Sustainable Art and the role of artists and cultural institutions in raising awareness about climate change
  • The first sustainable art auction in partnership with Christie’s
  • A film festival

in partnership with Christie’s
16 artworks created within an eco-design or eco-conscious framework.

Art ChangeNOW


Zdey, Caroline Desnoëttes, Johé Bruneau, Delphine Diallo, Xavier Veilhan, …

Zdey ChangeNOW


Photography, Immersive installations, Sculptures (made of recycled materials)…

ChangeNOW and Christie’s announce the world’s first “sustainable art” auction

The auction will present a selection of 16 lots from a dozen contemporary artists who create within an eco-design or eco-conscious framework.
In the continuity of arte povera or slow art, these artists offer a new outlook on human/non-human relationships, by their medium or their practice.
These French and international artists-sourcerers carefully chose their medium from outside the recycling loop to reintegrate them in a wide creative cycle (animal, flora, plastic waste, discarded objects, etc…) : Jesu Moratiel, Rachel Marks, Tim Zdey, Célestine Peuchot, Johé Bruneau, Caroline Desnoëttes, Jordane Saget, Linda Sanchez, Alex Ayed, Clara Rivault, Julia Gault, Caroline Venet…

To participate in the auction and support ChangeNOW Communities, please visit

The ChangeNOW non-profit will organize the ChangeNOW Prize for sustainable Creation and a series of events about sustainable creation in 2021/2022.

Sustainable Art

The art exhibition and the auction are sustainable and circular in a number of ways, from its production to the messages it carries.

Eco-design: The artworks, exhibition design and signage use sustainably sourced materials 

Eco-Production: A craddle-to-craddle waste management policy is in place. We are also reducing shipping and transport footprint all along the exhibition life-cycle.

Partners Network: Various institutions help us build a circular exhibition, from sourcing mediums to managing the exhibition outputs (sold, showcased again or upcycled).

Education: The topics at stake in the exhibition are an open conversation with all our stakeholders, from our suppliers, to our patrons and partners, to the public though inspiring guided visits and workshops.

Art & Culture Partners

Credits :

Top Banner: ESOHPROMATÉM by Rachel Marks at ChangeNOW 2020
Then from left to right:
1. Caroline Desnoëttes
2. French Artist Zdey
3. Auction at Christie’s