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Exclusive Worldwide premiere presented by David Attenborough

Documentary / USA / 2021 / 73 min

Directed by Jon Clay

Star: David Attenborough and Johan Rokström

Watch the movie online : EXCLUSIVE WORLWIDE PREMIERE at 6 :00 P.M. (CEST) / Saturday May, 29th

Q&A after screening with Johan Rockström : 7.15 pm (CEST) / Saturday May, 29th

Breaking Boundaries – The Science Of Our Planet is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and made by award-winning filmmakers Silverback Films, the team behind the landmark Our Planet series and David Attenborough – A Life On Our Planet. This film lays out the science that underpins the narrative of both of these influential programmes. Breaking Boundaries follows the scientific journey of world-renowned scientist Professor Johan Rockström. It tells the story of the most important scientific discovery of our time – that humanity has pushed Earth beyond the boundaries that have kept Earth stable for 10,000 years, since the dawn of civilisation. The 75-minute film takes the audience on a journey of discovery of planetary thresholds we must not exceed, not just for the stability of our planet, but for the future of humanity. It offers up the solutions we can and must put in place now if we are to protect Earth’s life support systems.


Documentary / USA / 2020 / 84 min

Directed by Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Star: Woody Harrelson, Ray Archuleta, Stéphane Le Foll, Kristin Ohlson.

Website :

Awards : Tribeca Film Festival 2020 (Oficial selection), London Independent Film Awards (Best film and Best documentary), Doc LA (Winner Storytelle raward).

Watch the movie online : available from 27th of 29th May 2021

Q&A with Stephane Lefoll. 7 :00 P.M. (CEST) / Friday May, 28th

A revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians band together in a global movement of “Regenerative Agriculture” that could balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.


Documentary / Netherlands – Nigeria / 2020 / 77 min

Directed by Chris Van Der Vorm

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Awards : Special Mention, International Jury and Best feature film, Student’s jury – Sole Luna Festival, Palermo, Italy / Grand Prix, Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan International Film Festival 2020 / MENTION SPÉCIALE- CHANDRIKA SHARMA, Festival de films Pêcheurs du monde, France /

Watch the movie online : available from 27th of 29th May 2021

In the fishing village of Makoko, the largest slum on water in Nigeria, Mrs F. wants to unite women and perform the play called “Hear Word”; a women empowerment project about gender inequality based on true stories to get women out of their oppressed position, to convince them to speak up and encourage them to connect. But even before she can start, she must overcome the unruly gatekeepers of patriarchy and religion.


Documentary / Finland – France – Morocco  / 2020 / 78 min

Directed by Mohamed El Aboudi

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Awards : Hot Docs : Special Jury Price / DocPoint : Jury Special Mention / Tampere Film festival : Special prize / Dok.Fest Munchen : Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit / Millenium Film festival : Selection officielle / FIPADOC : selection officielle Impact

Watch the movie online : available from 27th of 29th May 2021

Education in our fast-changing world is essential, especially when climate change is threatening the future of the humanity. School of Hope follows the nomadic Oulad Boukais Tribe in the High Atlas in Morocco, whose children walk miles to a tiny schoolhouse, built by their parents, in the hope that education can prepare the next generation for new ways of life when nomadic lifestyle is becoming impossible. Over the last 15 years, climate change and agricultural overexploitation have forced nomadic tribes to settle down. This sedentarization has resulted in great poverty. As a result, the tribe at the edge of the desert has decided to fight, to stay on its territory and give their children an education. This hope is not without tensions, because when a child goes to school, he cannot work alongside his family. This is the story of the School of Hope and the families who built it.

EVER SLOW GREEN – Re-afforestation in Auroville, South India

Documentary / India / 2020 / 56 min

Directed by Christoph Pohl

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Awards : Rishikesh International Film Festival, India 2020 (Best director documentary), Gold award 5th handle Climate Change Film festival. Shenzhen, China 2020, Eugène Environmental Film Festival, 2020 (People’s choice award).

Watch the movie online : available from 27th of 29th May 2021

50 years ago, a unique afforestation project took root on an eroded desert plateau in Tamil Nadu, South India, when people from diverse countries came together to establish the international experimental township of Auroville. Initially driven by the necessity to make the harsh conditions more liveable, the idealism of some early residents lead them to develop expertise in cultivating the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, a rare forest type native to the coastal belt of Tamil Nadu.

Today, the lush Auroville forest is an outstanding example of eco-restoration that recreates and preserves a type of tropical forest that is on the verge of extinction. Ever Slow Green tells the story of Auroville’s 50-years-young forest through some of the diverse characters who have dedicated their lives to bringing it to fruition.

Mentoring ChangeNOW/FiPADOC

Une jeunesse Rom / The Pathfinders

This is one of the Republic’s taboos. Across France, thousands of Roma children live in slums and do not have access to school. To get out of this situation, several young people have decided to act. A fight for emancipation that will take them to the steps of the National Assembly.

Director : Déborah Da Silva

Producer : Déborah Da Silva

Our goals and needs :

Organize a traveling exhibition across France with the cultural departments of the municipalities. Create a resource website with a box tools to provide the keys to understanding Gypsy culture and raise awareness of discrimination (video testimonies of young people and experts, historians, anthropologist). Creation of an educational kit for middle and high schools. Develop visibility through media partners, and patronage from UNESCO. Request ambassadors for the film (Tony Gatlif, Emir Kusturica…)

Contact : Déborah Da Silva – [email protected]

Retour à l ‘Âge de glace, L’hypothèse de Zimov /
Back to the Ice Age, The Zimov Hypothesis

In Siberia, two Russian scientists, a father and a son, are conducting a unique scientific and human experiment to prevent a climate disaster. Permafrost is thawing and it could release millions of tons of methane in the atmosphere. A major reintroduction of large herbivores is the only nature based solution. This theory is called ‘the Zimov Hypothesis’.

Director : Denis Sneguirev

Producer : Arturo Moi, 13 Productions, Take Five, Ethnofund

Our goals and needs :

We are looking for € 200 000 to complete the film’s budget (post-production, editing of a 52’ version, international version, compelling trailer) + Impact campaign. – Foundations who support social impact documentary films, exploring climate, biodiversity and sustainability issues. – Potential partners who can use the film to bridge into their communities and spark a conversation around thawing ice and the preservation of biodiversity. – Every good-willing support who could help us meet our impact goals, extend our impact campaign’s reach, and amplify its voice.

Contact : Khadidja Benouataf (Impact Producer) : [email protected]

Les délivrés / The freed delivery

Three bicycle couriers deliver meals for multinational companies. Seduced by the flexibility of these new jobs, they quickly became disillusioned by working conditions. Couriers decided to unite and claim nonexistence of social rights. This social struggle awakens them politically to change the law.

Director : Thomas Grandremy

Producer : Jonathan Slimack

Our goals and needs :

The Freed Delivery Impact Campaign take the form of forums wich requires several forms of support : financing (donations, patronage, sponsoring), sponsorship (media, logistics, event companies), partnerships (organizations concerned by CSR/RSE, social rights, labor law, “eating well”, transport…), volunteers and skills sponsoring.
Forums wish to involve all the components of civil society, political representation and entrepreneurship, whose ethical approach may correspond to our subject.

Contact : Jonathan Slimak –  [email protected]


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