Eco-responsible events

ChangeNOW is committed to create innovative eco-responsible events,
rethinking the standards of the event industry and integrating impact solutions
directly into the design of its summit.

Discover some of our commitments and how ChangeNOW

paves the way for a new generation of eco-responsible events:

Zero plastic bottles and badges

We are working with various solutions and partners to offer alternatives to disposable plastic. ChangeNOW has a “zero plastic bottle” policy. 

Furthermore, thanks to the mineral paper badges and ecological wristbands, made of recycled fibers and bamboo fibers, ChangeNOW offers all participants plastic-free badges.

TARGETING Zero waste

We are rethinking the codes of events to offer a rich experience while avoiding certain materials that are important sources of waste: carpets, scraped cotton walls, kakemonos,…


Exhibitors also sign an eco-responsible charter and commit themselves to avoid kakemonos, goodies, flyers, and other possible sources of waste. 

implementing the principles of circular economy

90% of the furniture used at ChangeNOW is either rented or reused. 


For the 10% left, we make sure they have a second life, thanks to innovative solutions and partners. For instance: printed canvas become eco-responsible bean bags, scenographic structures find a second life in homes companies or other events.

sorting & recycling

ChangeNOW is a signatory of the Quitri charter and is committed to respect waste sorting and recycling. 


Organic waste are recovered to produce compost.

Responsible food

The  restaurants and caterers present at ChangeNOW are selected for the quality of their environmental and social commitments, as well as for the quality of their food. 


They are committed to respecting the eco-responsible charter of the event, which includes the following criteria: minimum 70% organic food (or equivalent), local and seasonal food, no beef-based recipes, social inclusion. 


As for any food leftovers, they are recovered and redistributed to the most deprived in the respect of the cold chain.


The summit is also an opportunity for each participant to take positive actions for the planet. 


Beyond the program of the event, each participant contributes to reforestation: one tree is planted for every participant registered at summit.


Thanks to the great participation of the 2020 event, 28.000 trees have been planted, by our partner.

Carbon management of our activites

We measure the carbon footprint of the summit while implementing actions to reduce it.
We support carbon reduction projects around the world..

In 2020, we supported 5 projects world-wide, in partnership with Eco-Act.
Discover them!

Ovaan - India

The Ovaan project in India distributes cooking stoves which require 60% less wood to operate, reducing smoke and toxic emissions by up to 80% in households!

Batang Forest - Borneo

The Takeo Stove project in Cambodia similarly provides people with new stoves that require less charcoal than a traditional oven, helping reduce emissions and fight deforestation.

Neema Forest - Kenya

The Neema Forest project in Kenya, which works to preserve the forest and incredible biodiversity of the region!

Ceramica - Brazil

The Ceramica project in Brazil, replacing wood from the Amazon rainforest with biomass residues for energy in local artisanal ceramic factories.

Take Stove - Cambodia

The Takeo Stove project in Cambodia similarly provides people with new stoves that require less charcoal than a traditional oven, helping reduce emissions and fight deforestation.

Commitment to the forest

We contribute towards saving the forests by planting as many trees as attendees to ChangeNOW Summit, through the projects of our partner.

In 2020, thanks to you, our partner planted 28.000 trees in Tanzania along with the local population! The benefits created by the trees already planted are diverse and concrete:


➔ Climate: 4.200 tons of CO2 stored


➔ Biodiversity: 84.000 shelters for animal created


➔ Health: 112.000 months of oxygen generated


➔ Employment: 28.000 hours of work created

For more information, contact us directly at contact@changenow-summit.com